Damaged Car Removal: What Impacts The Worth Of Your Damaged Car? Quality Of Spare Parts

Don’t know what to do to your car that has been severely damaged after an accident, flood, and fire? It might be best to choose damaged car removal services. It’s a great way to turn something that you will no longer use into cold, hard cash!

Before you go around looking for a company offering damaged car removal, you have to know the worth of your vehicle first. Many factors can affect its worth, and these include:

Accident History And Odometer Reading

This information is important for any buyers of damaged cars because they can help determine the extent of wear and tear. The odometer reading shows how much you have driven the car and reveals its condition. The higher the odometer reading, the more issues a car has, so you need to be very detailed when providing information to your chosen car wrecker.

Quality Of Spare Parts 

Some cars are not accepted as damaged vehicles but are classified as ‘junk.’ What’s the difference? A damaged car still has working spare parts that can be sold in the market. Even if the exterior of your car appears deteriorated, if its internal parts (like the engine and transistors) are still in good condition, then the car is more likely to fetch good offers. But if it is extremely damaged inside and out, then it may already be considered a scrap vehicle.


These aspects of your car help determine its worth. The older the car is, the lower its worth; unless it’s a classic or rare model. The more popular it is, the higher its worth because its parts may still be high in demand.

Scrap Metal Worth 

The majority of the components of cars are made of different kinds of metal. No wonder, the scrap metal worth is the biggest factor that influences the price of a damaged car. To determine the scrap metal worth of your vehicle, the auto wrecker will have to get its weight by putting it on a car scale.

Scrap Metal Prices In The Market 

Before putting a price to your car, the wrecker will check the current market first to determine the prices of scrap metal. They have to be updated with the market trends because they keep on changing regularly. If you want to get a higher offer for your damaged car, then consider waiting until the price of scrap metal is high.


This may not be obvious, but where you are can also affect the prices that your car will get. If you cannot drive your damaged car to the facility, then you must have it towed. Some companies can collect cars from their clients and charge them for the service. The good thing is that there are big companies that offer this service for free.

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