Damanjit Singh – Air India Pilot’s Son killed Alok Gupta

Air India Pilots – Damanjeet Singh’s Son killed a Harley Davidson biker in a road accident in Gurugram


Parents serve as the guiding light for their children but in the case of Air India Pilots Damanjeet Singh and his wife Renu Bharadwaj this assertion has proved false. As they overlooked to provide the basic lessons of life and some moral and ethical values to their son, a student of DPS  School Gurugram.


On Monday, 23 August 2020, when CFO Alok Gupta had gone to enjoy his Harley Davidson morning bike ride, when suddenly at Cyber City an Eco Sport car driven at 150 km per hour speed broke the 6 feet divider & banged into his bike. Car was was driven by S/o Damanjeet Singh , resident of South Close, Sector 50 – Gurgaon. accompanied by S/o Rajashri Datta resident of The Hibiscus- Sector 50 Gurgaon.


They were coming back from a birthday party and had also consumed alcohol served by the host Dheeraj Taneja & Kapila Teneja Resident of Ireo Victory Valley, Golf Course Ext Rd, Sector 67, Gurugram, as it their son’s birthday over there.


According to Deputy commissioner of police, Chander Mohan said “As the offense is bailable, he was granted bail,” he said.


Mr. Damanjeet Singh is a Pilots in Air India and belong to the respectable class that they let their child consume alcohol and drive a car and kill an innocent person is a lack of parental guidance. It’s also bad for society by treating them as minors and just encouraging them to go for counselling would inspire them to do the wrong stuff in the future too.


It’s an example of an immature upbringing. If these kids are doing such things at such a young age then what else can we expect from them in the future. Not only are these kinds of acts a matter of shame but they also have a negative effect on other children.


But letting these teenagers go might be good in terms of the law, or for their future as they belong to high society families then what about those kids whose father is being killed in a road accident !! The family of the deceased is struggling for justice.


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