Darksiders Genesis: How to Return to a Level?

Darksiders franchise has brought its new version in the market, and fans and critics are acclaiming it. The most exciting news is that the game has arrived with the compatibility of PC, along with Darksider’s official gaming console Google Stadia. Even though the game contains archetypes of Diablo games, it still has the same tendency and gaming experience that its predecessor has. It is specially built for those who are keen on the coming of Darksiders 3 as now they can knock down the enemies again in a similar and preferred fashion.

The version has included few new changes such as now you can combat only in one mode; In Strife or War. Darksiders Genesis now contains 16 levels that take 10 hours to complete, and players are required to solve puzzles, collect resources, and combat with enemies. Almost every level contains hidden gems, resources, treasures, and players can attain as many souls and treasures as they want. Due to all this, players are keen to get back to the previous level in this game because it will help them to attain all these rewards again. The above-written scenario has already depicted the concern behind this blog. Read the whole blog below to attain the access to go back to the previous level in this game.

How to Get Back to a Previous Level?

If you have collected all the hidden gems from the previous level of the game, then there must be few hidden chests that you surely slip in grabbing. These chests include several souls that will give access to finishing the challenges quicker. Now, this must have sought your attention; here is the way to return to the previous level to seek the souls. You need to move towards Void and choose any available level. Before proceeding towards the method of this process, there are a few things that you must know :

  • You need to knock down your already defeated enemies again.
  • After returning to the previous level, all the enemies that you have conquered will get Respawned.
  • Respawning of the enemies will also include the boss of that level, and you need to beat it again.
  • Fortunately, you will get an option to select the type of difficulty you would like to face while completing that level again. It is recommended to select the Casual level from the difficulty tab in order to complete this Respawn level quicker.


The game is now only available for the Google Stadia and PC users because of this several Xbox, PS4 users are pretty sad. There is also a piece of news regarding Nintendo Switch, so soon they will also get access to this amazing game, and the users of Xbox, PS4 and Xbox one have to wait much more as the game will be released for them after February 2020. We hope that the blog will help you to get back to the previous level in this game. You don’t need to worry as using the Void is easy and secure and is specially built by the developers of this game. If you are a user of PC or Stadia and are new to this game, then it is recommended that you should try playing this game.

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