Data Center Services in India

Data Center is a key parameter for any business and ESDS is one of the CSPs to provide best Data Center Services in India.


What do you mean by Data Center Services?

Data Center Services is an umbrella term used to describe services which create, execute, enhance or maintain a data center for an organization. Basically, data center services include all the facilities related to IT components and activities. It can involve software, hardware, personnel, and processes.

Types of Data Centers

  • Enterprise Data Centers
    Previously, enterprises built their own data centers on their own sites. However, building private data centers has not quite proved to be the best investment of companies’ precious capital because considering the construction and maintenance costs. CEOs and CIOs started realizing that these financial resources could be used in business development.
  • Managed Service Provider
    Managed Service Provider remotely controls customers’ IT infrastructure proactively on a subscription model. The IT infrastructure is on the service providers’ sites and the services are provided to the end customers remotely. There are various pricing models which change according to a number of devices and users based on the IT support and management services.
  • Colocation
    A colocation data center facility is a business where the customer rents space in the providers’ premises for computing hardware. A colocation service provides building, cooling, power, and physical security while the customer provides storage and servers. The main reason businesses choose colocation service is the CAPEX related with building, maintenance and taking care of large computing facilities.
  • Wholesale Data Centers
    Wholesale Data Center also known as Multi-Tenant Data Center benefits large companies which need large portions of space than a typical colocation provider would offer. A wholesale data center service provider would generally offer huge space to customers who need more space for their IT hardware. Wholesale colocation is generally offered at cheaper rates compared to retail colocation.

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