Davenport Laroche Shipping Container Scam and how investors lost their money

Container scams are quite rampant nowadays and what we have seen is that there are many companies that are promoting it as well. Like Davenport Laroche and Pacific Tycoon, there has been a rampant increase in the sheer number of container scams across the globe. Davenport Laroche scam is the number one container scam right now with many people reporting to have lost thousands of dollars in the fake investment scheme. 


Well, you are not alone in being a victim of this because many have already been a victim of the Davenport Laroche scam. Owing to the amount of shipping container scams that have plagued the financial industry, being a victim of one is nothing new. They attract all the buyers to buy only one container and then they promise to pay you back a very high return in the lines of more that 15-20%. After that when you get in and bought more and more containers until you have no more money, they will start with reducing your rate of return and eventually say that they have nothing to provide you with soon after. Sometimes, they don’t respond to your queries at all. They always tell you a solution where you have to pay more money like you need to trade-in your containers, and to be honest what I would suggest is to never put your money there at all. 


Often the returns that are promised way beyond one’s expectation. Like they would get around 12% per year as a fixed return which may get to 24% in certain times. Also, they say that all the containers that the company buys are fully trackable but that is not true. We have found out that many people have reported that their containers are not trackable at all. Often the company pays many blog owners to write fake reviews about them. This will create a fake sense of authenticity and many will believe those container investments are definitely worth it which is not true.


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