Dbhds Policies and Procedures

We support you with answering any questions you have about finding a residential provider, serve as an advocate for you and provide resources to help you stay up to date on provider requirements. We also can help you navigate providers in the community, go on tours with you and can help you with knowing the right questions to ask and information to gather which can help you make the best choice when selecting a residential provider. We are not a case management entity, we advocate for individuals and families while ensuring that quality residential providers are available for you to choose from. We serve as an unbiased third party, group home consultant that is able to help you throughout the journey of finding a provider. Group Home Consulting

If you are already living with a provider in the area and have any questions or concerns, need help advocating for yourself or your loved one or just simply need someone to talk to and run things by for an opinion, we are here.


We support you through the entire application process. We serve as a group home consultant to help ensure that your agency remains in compliance. Dbhds Policies and Procedures


We help those interested in opening Waiver Group Homes. We serve as your group home consultant throughout the process.

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