Debunking Myths about Importing From China


When it comes to importing from China, there are plenty of misconceptions and myths that can prevent you from making the most of your import business. Sure, some of them are true in some situations, but not all of them! So, let’s a look at some common misconceptions about importing from China and how they can impact your import business.

I Can Do It on My Own

This may be true in some cases, but depending on your end product, it may not. If you want to import for personal use, that’s not a problem. However, if you’re importing for commercial purposes or if you plan to import into one of these countries, it’s best to speak with an expert like sourcing agent for China about your plans. Hiring an epic sourcing agent would be your best bet as they can help make the import smooth and successful.

Moreover, by using a third-party service provider, you will have access to professional contacts and valuable information such as quality control and manufacturing costs. A sourcing agent in China can also get you goods at the best prices than what is available on Alibaba, which could save you hundreds of dollars in profits!

Finding the Supplier Isn’t Necessary Before Placing A Large Order

Placing a large order of a product you are unfamiliar with can be dangerous for your business, and you may find yourself stuck with an inventory that has no demand or is just too much for your customer base. Think smaller and start with a small order from multiple suppliers to test out products and keep moving up as you grow your business and gain more customers.

Language Will Be a Barrier

A language barrier is often one of the main misconceptions about importing from China. It’s good that your supplier speaks English, isn’t it? Of course, it means you can communicate directly with them. But communicating effectively with your Chinese suppliers requires knowledge of their culture and their spoken and written language. It’s a good idea to hire a sourcing agent as they know the language and know how to communicate with Chinese.

Sampling Is Not Necessary

It is often claimed that samples are not necessary for importing from China, but it’s not always possible to obtain such a high quality product without having seen or felt it beforehand. Samples can help you and your manufacturer narrow down exactly what your wants and needs are. You’ll be able to see for yourself how durable or well-made an item is, as well as get an idea of any colour issues and craftsmanship problems that may arise in order to rectify them before mass production begins.

Too Much Risk involved in Exporting from China

One common misconception about importing from China is that it is too risky. This is simply not true. Exporting from China can be extremely simple, provided you understand what you’re doing. With extensive experience shipping goods to overseas markets, our team can help minimise your risk and maximise your profitability.

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