Debunking the Most Common Myths about Sports Massage


Many assume that massage as a luxury. But, when you have health ailments like arthritis or spondylitis, it could mean the difference between relief and satisfaction. Massage therapy is a manipulation of skin, muscles, and ligaments to promote wellness, improve motion, and many other health benefits. One such effective massage is sports massage Perth that offers a plethora of benefits for the sports person. However, many myths are associated with sports massage, which is truly a misconception instead of reality. So, we wanted to debunk the most common misconceptions associated with sports massage in this article, and here are they:-

Sports massage is painful

Indeed a myth. Of course, the techniques involved in sports and Remedial massage Perth is intense. But, that doesn’t mean it would be painful. If too much pressure is applied, the muscle may tense up and you’ll be comfortable. It will give you relief even if you feel mild pain and discomfort in the massage. However, if you don’t feel any pain or discomfort during the massage therapy, it doesn’t mean the treatment is less effective. Please speak to your massage therapist before getting the massage and clear your doubts. Knowing what to expect prior to the treatment can help you keep relaxed and cooperate and make the most of it.

Sports massage is only for an elite athlete

No! It is a common misconception that elite athletes found this massage is highly beneficial in optimising their performance and preventing injuries. We all have the same legs, arms, and backs. So, everybody can undergo sports massage during the training cycle for better results.

Sports massage is meant for only sports personal

No! Sports massage is beneficial for all people, not only for the sports personal. It gives fantastic results for people who are chained to their desk all day, have long-standing postural issues, and constantly feel they are inflexible and stiff. You may suffer from a tight neck or lower back. Same theory, different muscle, but the results are the same.

You must drink lots of water post-massage

Indeed a myth. Usually, massage therapists will advise drinking plenty of water to flush out the toxins. Always remember, be it sports, remedial, or Pregnancy massage Perth, massage does not increase your body’s need for water at all. That said, you can sip water to quench your thirst and ensure that you stay hydrated and maintain healthy organs.

Never question the therapist

No! Massage therapists would want your treatment to be as effective as possible. They will come up with a customised program to prevent injuries. All your queries will be answered and concerns will be addressed to make you fit, hale, and healthy. So, never hesitate to ask questions to your massage therapist.

The author is an experienced massage therapist who provides deep tissue massage, remedial massage, and sports massage Perth to treat various health conditions. Visit for more details.

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