Deca-Dence: Are Gadoll Gone for Good?

The ninth episode of Deca-Dence is just like its every other episode – exhilarating and fast-paced. Natsume and Kaburagi together eliminate Gadoll in the Gadoll factory siege. But it is strange to come to terms with the fact that the monsters are really eliminated, which opens many speculations for Deca-Dence, which are yet to be answered. There is no doubt that nothing will now remain as it used to, while Pipe’s destiny remains unpredictable.

Even though the exceptional operation is merely 20 minutes long, there are too many things that happen. Once when Kaburagi gets his avatar and convinces Natsume to come along with him, he uses the Gadoll Genocide System to get rid of all the Gadolls. But at the same time, the speculations of treachery transpire as Sarkozy yields to manipulation of Turkey, unnerving Kaburagi out to Hugin. But fortunately for him, Jill is there to hack into Hugin’s vision. But it is still not enough as Hugin again gains control and almost comes to the point of defeating Kaburagi. It is at this moment that Sarkozy blows himself up by jumping into the cesspit, while the explosion is strong enough to decimate the factory. The blast blows away Hugin in the process, while the GCC (Gadoll Genocide System) is activated.

But the destruction of the factory is going to have far-reaching consequences. It is inevitable when the Tankers realize that the world that they have been living in is not real; they are sure to have an existential crisis. On the other hand, Kaburagi will also have a talk with Natsume, which is probably not going to go well with her, as Jill believes that she will likely have a breakdown.

Even the players and everyone else will be affected psychologically and emotionally, but this outcome assumes that the Gadoll won’t come back anymore, which can be said with full confidence. Although their production has stopped, there is still the possibility that the company starts making them again after repairing the factory and crushing the rebels. Then there is also the curious case of Pipe, the pet of Natsume and Kaburagi. It seems that he might have been killed and his brethren, which will be very depressing and demoralizing. But since he is a bug, he might be able to escape unhurt from the Gadoll massacre. Deca-Dence has left its fans with tons of confusing and heartbreaking events in the recent episode, which is hard to reconcile with. Things will only get obvious hopefully in the next episode, where the fans will expect to get some answers.

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Source: Deca-Dence: Are Gadoll Gone for Good?

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