Decals For Old Bikes: All You Need To Know

Does your bike look old and shabby? Do you no longer feel the same joy riding your bike? No, that does not mean you have to replace it. Buying a new motorcycle can cost you a lot of money. Added to that, the connection and the memories that you share with your bike cannot easily be replaced by the new one.
What you can do instead is give your old bike a new spark of life with decals. Decals are an inexpensive way to revamp your bike looks. Available in model-specific packages such as Kawasaki KX 100 motocross graphics kit, these are both versatile and easy to use. If you are considering using decals for your old bike, here are all the pros and cons that you need to know.

Give Your Bike Amazing Look

Of course, the first benefit of decals is that they instantly add to the aesthetic appeal of your bike. Since they are available in a wide number of designs, textures, and shapes, you have complete freedom to decide the new looks of your bike.

Apart from that, leading decal manufacturers also offer easy custom options on their decal range. So, even if you find nothing appealing among the existing designs, you can make your designs too.

Covers Damaged Plastic

Another fantastic advantage of using decals on your old bikes is that it covers up the damaged plastic parts.  Owing to bad road conditions and other factors, bike plastics tend to get scratched and chipped with use. They also lose their shine and give your bike a shabby appearance. As opposed to the metal parts, the plastic cannot be replaced easily, nor can you polish them.

The decals act as an adequate cover over such damaged plastic. Since the scratches get hidden under the layer of shiny vinyl, all you get to see are the amazing new looks. The decals also protect your plastics from further damage.

Professional Help Required

However, for your old bike, you will need to incur some additional costs as you will need professional help to get the decals installed. Professionals can clean the bike body thoroughly and ensure the decal is placed correctly for complete coverage.

Now that you have all the details, you know exactly what to do with your old bike. If you are looking for the latest decal collection such as Gas gas ex 250f graphics kit, head to Factory-decals and enjoy the widest collection.


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