Decat Downpipe – What Is It, And Why Do You Need One?

If you are into cars and know about the car exhaust system parts, then it is likely that you may have heard about the BMW downpipe. However, several BMW owners do not know about and consider this car part. Let us look at the basics of decat downpipes and how much significance it holds.

The Basics Of Decat Downpipe

The role of the downpipe is to exhaust gases from the turbine of the vehicle housing into the exhaust system. It is known as the instrumental in moving the exhaust as efficiently as possible through the gases.

Most of the downpipes come with at least one restrictive catalytic converter. It helps significantly clean up the exhaust gases as produced, and its restrictive aspect is the only downside.

Why Do You Require Decat Downpipe?

A B58 downpipe is required to enhance the engine turbo aspect efficiently. The downpipe helps the turbine to evade the gases; it helps to get more smooth power. When getting out of the straightway and opening your vehicle, you will, without a doubt, see the difference.

To get a better flow for your car, you should go for the n55 charge pipe and see the difference you get when you ride your car. It can help you to improve the performance of the engine and minimize the turbo-charged air pressure loss. A BMW charge pipe is essential for optimal performance.

You will see wider capacities in the aftermarket downpipes. The diameter increase allows the rider for better and greater space for the swift turbo spin, and it reduces the lags in the turbo and generates more spool. When making the switch, you will be decreasing the intake charge and temperature of the engine.

The Differences Between Catless And Cat Downpipes

When looking for a Decat downpipe, you will get two kinds such as catless and cat. Catted refers to the high-flow catalytic converter, and the catless downpipes do not have a high-flow catalytic converter.

Catalytic converters help clean the gases from the exhaust when they go through the catalyst, and it deals with the scent that comes from the raw exhaust fumes. When purchasing a catless version, your vehicle will induce a noticeable smell. It is better to opt for something that does not cause a problem in the long run.

Purchasing A New Decat Downpipe

If you want to race your sports car, you should get M5 downpipes if that is the case. You may be doing it because you want to get as many HP as you can get with the help of downpipes. Purchasing and adding the new m140i Downpipe to your car will provide you with an enhanced boost in horsepower.

Another good reason to buy a new downpipe is that you will get a higher boost pressure after modifying the turbo. If you have raised the boost amount from the stock turbo system, then the increase out of the exhaust requires a larger and seamless downpipe.


It is all about the decat downpipe. You will get various benefits of having a decat downpipe. You should know that the standard downpipe for sports vehicles is generally of the best quality. It is up to you whether you are satisfied with the materials or not.

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