Decision Making: Should You Buy Or Lease Your Forklift?

Proper tools make a difference at work. Are you faced with the age-old, question, though on whether to buy the machine or go for a Toyota forklift lease? You’re not alone. If you’re wondering which option is right for you, here are a few considerations to help you arrive at a solid decision:

Go for a Lease if:

  • Cost Effective. If you’re starting out in the business, then it makes sense that you’ll want to preserve your capital. That means you’re better off with a lease instead of buying your own equipment. Leases allow you to save up on costs since you won’t have to shell out thousands to get the unit or system you need.
  • Range of Options. Getting a lease allows you to change to a different model or brand with ease. Once the lease is up, you can try out a ton of other options. That’s ideal as it lets you check which machines work especially well for your team and which ones are a good match for your needs.
  • Tax advantages. In most states, leasing is a tax-deductible expense. However, make sure you check your state or provincial tax rules. Look into that detail before you go any further.
  • Stay current. Because you’re able to switch to a different model when the lease expires, you won’t have a problem staying current with technology. You can pick forklifts with newer and better features to see if they’re a better fit for your operations.
  • Better productivity. Leasing a forklift means you can get a lot of the things done in a shorter amount of time. Transferring items in your warehouse is now a lot easier. That leads to better productivity outcomes for your team.

Buy a Forklift if:

  • Ready capital. If you have enough budget to buy your own forklift, then owning one is a sound investment. You can have access to the unit any time you need it. You won’t have to worry about being in a mad scramble to find the right equipment to lease.
  • Second-hand options. There are easy ways to get around a budget issue. If you want to stay well within your price range, then look for second-hand options. That’s one way to avoid the depreciation hit. You can get the equipment you need at a fraction of what a brand-new one costs.
  • Basic features. If all you need are basic features, then you’re not worried about outdated functions. You can buy a forklift and not lose sleep over the fact that it doesn’t come with the latest features.

Where to Buy One?

Look for a reputable online source for a forklift. Check the background of the site and company. Are both reliable? Read customer reviews. What do other buyers or clients say about the firm’s products? What is the quality of the machines? Are there a lot of positive comments from happy fans? If that isn’t the case, you’ll need to consider other options. Keep looking until you find the best source.


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