Decoding the real estate valuation of homes in India

Before making real estate investments, buyers should know the property’s fair market value. A properly surveyed investment in real estate can result in better appreciation, and having a second opinion from a qualified Chartered Engineer can help you objectively and accurately determine the property’s market value. There are significant factors that influence the valuation of real estate in Delhi and other metropolitan cities, and they are:

Location: Structures, properties, and real estate with a business or market location are worth more than those with a residential location. Brokers frequently quote greater prices for buildings in established colonies and areas than those in up-and-coming and less developed ones. Like this, structures built on freehold ground often fetch a higher price than those built on leased land.

Infrastructure: One of the most significant variables affecting property valuation in India is infrastructure development. The property’s value increases due to the availability of roads, airports, flyovers, malls, bus terminals, and other facilities close by. It is well-known that investors wanting to buy land or property have connectivity as one of their top priorities. This leads to the theory explaining an increase in real estate value close to business areas, medical facilities, entertainment hubs, and educational and medical institutions.

Structure: The specifications of the materials used, the layout, the design, the longevity of the building, and its life cycle all affect how much a property is worth. The cost of building materials, their quality and cost, size, labour costs today, frontage, and other physical characteristics like roof covering, building height, foundation type, waterproofing, and plinth level all impact how much a property costs.

Amenities: Homes that have better infrastructure and more modern amenities are valued higher than homes that lack adequate electric connections, telephone lines, water and sewer facilities, and other infrastructures like community centres, playgrounds, swimming pools, gymnasiums, parking lots, or general stores. Providing amenities associated with comfortable habitation and necessities forms a strong foundation for property assessment.

Affordability: Costs associated with using or maintaining a property are referred to as affordability-related costs. In plain English, it is the phrase that draws a connection between interest rates, home prices, and earnings. Residents will begin searching for a better quality of life elsewhere if the three abovementioned factors reach their maximum level in a given location.

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