Delete all AOL Emails at once with just few clicks

I am sure most of your inbox must be flooded with 1000 unread emails even worst 10,000 full of junk or unwanted emails. Deleting each email is not only tedious but very hectic that consumes lots of time and patience. However, there is various software available in the market to ease your work. One such example is Mozilla thunderbird. The best part of this software is that it is open-source that means it is available for free for the users to download and you can use this software to mass delete all emails as well as you can recover the accidentally deleted emails.

Step 1: Download thunderbird on your system

Step 2: Install Mozilla Thunderbird and go to tools

Step 3: Click on Account settings. click on  Add Mail account.

Step 4: A new window will open “set up an Existing Email Account”

Step 5 Enter the details like your name, email address whose emails you want to delete and password for the same email address.

Step6  After entering the details, click on continue.

Step 8: After verification,  you will be asked to choose any one of the protocols, IMAP or pop3. Choose ok

Step 9 : On the left side of the panel, you will be able to see the existing email address. Click on inbox

Step 11: You will be able to see all the email on the right side of the window. Let all the emails load first.

Step 12: Select any email and you can select all the emails by pressing Cntl+A.

Step 13: To Deselect any email, press and hold the control key and click on that email.

Step 14: Press delete on the bottom right side. This will delete all the emails from the software as well as from your inbox.

Step 15: Check your inbox. Under the deleted email folder, you will be able to see the emails that are deleted. If accidentally you have deleted an email you can restore are deleted.

For a detailed explanation, check the video

If you still experience the problem you can contact AOL Customer Service at 1-888-373-1444. Check out the how-to download AOL Desktop Gold and common AOL Gold problems


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