Delicious Food + Live Music = The Perfect Date Night

Most of us remember the iconic scene in “Lady and the Tramp,” during which two dogs from very different worlds come together to enjoy a romantic plate of delicious pasta and meatballs. As this beloved scene has shown audiences for over 60 years, extraordinary possibilities can result from a pairing of fine dining and great food. When we introduce perfect ambiance and live music Boise foodies instantly recognize an opportunity for a magical evening.


Cities of all sizes have the requisite number of eateries which couples may visit while on a date. Some couplesprefer the no-fuss, no-pretense simplicity of a fast-food chain to become better acquainted with each other. Others pick fast-casual establishments, which may contain a bar from which alcoholic drinks are available. Many couples, however, choose romantic fine-dining restaurants which are certain to impress and also relay that no place is too fancy for the object of one’s desire.

Whether a couple is embarking on a first-date or has recently celebrated a 50th anniversary, date nights are important components of every relationship. Parenting couples, in particular, understand that scheduled date-nights are not only relaxing and fun breaks from their children but also essential for resetting the special bond which brought them together in the first place. For anyone whose days and nights are spent taking care of others—ensuring that others are always fed, dressed, bathed and entertained—an evening of pampering by an attentive staff in a sensational downtown restaurant can be exactly what the doctor ordered.

For the perfect date night featuring incredible fine dining Boise has myriad options for its residents and visitors. Of course, Boise has its share of fast-food and fast-casual establishments for those who choose to stand in line, order from an overhead reader-board or laminated menu,physically pick-up a tray of food after a number is called and bus their own tables. However, the city’s top restaurants feature leather-bound menus featuring seasonal rotations and intermittent specials, plush chairs and booths, extensive wine lists and romantic environments. In other words, perfect spots for a budding, rekindled or decades-long romance.

If couples in Boise were asked to name their perfect date-night destination, an overwhelming majority would immediately answer “Chandlers.”Conveniently located in beautiful downtown Boise, Chandlers has been the source of delectable meals and special memories since opening over a decade ago. Chandlers is a perennial winner in multiple categories in the “Best of Treasure Valley” and “Best of Boise” awards. For world-class steaks and seafood, an award-winning wine list and incredible live jazz on a nightly basis in an upscale yet relaxed setting, Boiseans select Chandlers.

About Chandlers:

Chandlers stands out among top Downtown Boise restaurants. The restaurant is renowned for its steaks, seafood, sophisticated ambiance, unparalleled service and live jazz music nightly.

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