Delicious Gong cha Bubble Tea in Rhode Island

Bubble tea has emerged as a widely popular drink in recent times. Its origins date back to the early 1980s and its versatility and aesthetics have played a big role in making it a globally renowned drink. Brands such as Gong cha have revolutionized this space and have grown from just a single café in Taiwan in 2006 to over 1800 stores worldwide. Gong cha is a premier international bubble tea brand and offers one of the largest varieties of premium teas. It has hundreds of cafes in the U.S. and is now launching its latest store in Rhode Island.

Bubble tea fans now have a new Gong cha store near them in the state of Rhode Island.

Why Gong cha Is Special?

Gong cha’s success can be attributed to the philosophy around which it has been created and promoted. The brand is driven by the goal to inspire the human spirit and create happiness in every cup it serves and every heart it touches. Explaining the brand’s image, its spokesperson claims, “Our success story begins with our strong commitment to quality. Whether you are in one of our Rhode Island cafes or any other store in the U.S. or elsewhere, you will experience only the finest-quality tea leaves and ingredients. There is no compromise on that end.”

It is worth mentioning that Gong cha procures its tea leaves from the finest tea estates in the world. These estates are chosen after each step in their tea production process is assessed for quality and standard procedures. From cultivation to drying to purification, each step is evaluated.

Variety of Drinks

Another reason you will love your experience at a Gong cha café is that the brand offers hundreds of varieties of drinks. In fact, there are over 600 possible combinations of drinks for you to choose from. You can have your custom bubble tea created by adjusting the following elements:

  • Tea variety
  • Milk type
  • Sugar levels
  • Ice levels
  • Ingredients & flavors
  • Toppings

The range of toppings on offer include, but are not limited to, White Pearl, Pearl, Coconut Jelly, Ai-Yu Jelly, Herbal Jelly, Pudding, Basil Seeds, Oreo Crumbs, and more. The kind of flavors you can choose from include Passion Fruit, Mango, Strawberry, Lychee, Caramel Chocolate, Matcha, Taro, Peach, and many more.

“When you visit one of our cafes, we are certain you will have a tough time choosing from all the different flavors and toppings,” claimed the brand’s spokesperson.

Gong cha’s New Store in Rhode Island

Gong cha’s new store is coming up at the following address:

  • 1 Providence suit 5400 PL Providence RI. 02903

The store is opening in September and will offer everything on Gong cha’s menu. The brand already has a café in Rhode Island Cranston at 40 Sockanosset Cross Rd., Cranston RI 02920.

“We are on an expansion spree as the demand for our products is rising fast. It is not just new stores. We are always innovating and adding new bubble tea flavors and ingredients to our menu. So, innovation and growth are a part of our story,” the spokesperson claimed.

For more information about Gong cha and help with locating a bubble tea store near you, feel free to contact us at or write to us.

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