Delve into the trending market with your NFT gaming ZedRun clone


The gaming industry is more captivating with its new shape in the NFT Arena. With increased functionalities acting on the blockchain network allows the players not just to play and earn rewards but trade collectibles as NFT in the platforms and also earn rare NFTs, avatars, features as rewards. Exciting, right? Guess you are an entrepreneur who wanted to explore the field of NFT and crypto business with your interest in gaming also wanted into it? Then here is your right chance to develop your ZedRun Clone. A platform with horse racing and abilities to breed along with trading capacity in the blockchain network. 

ZedRun clone 

A pioneer gaming platform that vest on the Blockchain network with its solid frame lines allowing the players and users to trade their collection is ZedRun. It has an increased traction from players and good revenue streaming abilities for admin. Moreover, this is the best-suggested platform offering increased secured transactions. While on the other hand, ZedRun clone is a fermented platform that can be developed from the source code of the actual platform. This method of developing an NFT gaming platform reduces the time constrain and effort but helps you launch a perfect platform with all the abilities as your business demands. 

Important components fed in your ZedRun clone

  1. Much improved storefront with the functionalities listing the gaming area, trading space, list of listed NFTs, and others in an attractive manner. 
  2. The breeding space where the player can mate their horses and breed them using the love potion they have. Through breeding, they can bring out new versions of horses to the platform. 
  3. The racing space is where the horses are prepared and raced. The horse winning the race will gain rewards. All the details of the race and leaderboard are mentioned for clarity and transparency.
  4. The attributes section covers the details of the availability and the rarity of the horses, bloodline, scarcity and helps in determining the value of the same. 
  5. The updates session gives the player an update on future events and tournaments. 

Final Verdict

These are more enticing, right? So why not venture into developing your NFT Gaming platform? Reach out to INORU to develop your customized version on ZedRun for your players and traders to pour into your platform and witness the increase in revenue falling in. Moreover, we give a white label solution to develop your blockchain based NFT gaming space with increased functionalities and features that can be customized. To know more about our development process, Reach out to INORU now for a solution at jiff.

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