Denison’s innovative beginnings are shown in the quality of flexible parts

The Rexroth hydraulic pump exporter specializes in four product lines: Vickers, Denison, Rexroth A10VSO series, servo valves and proportional valves. Part of a series on the origins of each of the major hydraulic brands we offer, we focus on Denison Hydraulics in this article.

Denison’s high-quality flexible products have a reputation for standing the test of time and being particularly useful when applied to a variety of mobile and industrial applications.

Denison has a long history of innovation, beginning with the emergence of hydraulics and continuing through tough economic times as a leader in new and versatile products.Eaton hydraulic pump 1

HPS’ comprehensive line of Denison products includes pumps, motors, valves and servomotors/proportional parts of this power. These products continue to provide the versatility and quality needed to recycle year after year.

Who is Denison?

Denison Hydraulics Inc. It is owned by Parker Hannifin and is based in Marysville, Ohio.

With revenues of approximately $180 million, the Rexroth pump manufacturer has 1,150 employees in North America, Europe and Asia.

Denison Hydraulics serves the global market with reliable hydraulic equipment and systems for mobile, industrial, power, defense and marine applications.

And while the manufacturer has gone through some tough times in its 120-year history, Denison remains the world’s preferred choice of hydraulic products for applications that demand high performance, reliability and flexibility.

Original origin

Founded in 1900 in Delaware, Ohio as the Cook Motor Company, Denison manufactures heavy-duty industrial single-cylinder gasoline engines only.

After World War I, Bill Dennison acquired the Cook Motor Company while the motor market was dying.

But Denison had the idea of​​developing a machine designed to slowly move clay-filled wagons through the kiln. It was the first hydraulic machine and the beginning of a long history of innovation.

The advent of hydraulics, called Hydraulics’ at the time, helped keep the company going through tough times. (If you have time, Google the word “Hydraulics’” and you might find some operable machines approaching their 100th birthday.)

Cook Motor Company went into receivership and reorganized into Denison Engineering during the Great Depression. They continue to innovate with products such as the rail pusher and the “compact” power unit.

Denison hydraulics: truly unparalleled quality

Today, Denison’s well-designed, competitive products are among the products that hold up well in the remanufacturing process and can easily be brought back to life with the help of HPS.


Its impressive and successful 120-year history of innovation and longevity leaves no mystery as to why Denison is the preferred hydraulic brand worldwide, and the preferred choice here at HPS.

Of the more than two million HPS Rexroth Motors on the shelf, Denison products continue to lead with high performance, reliability and flexibility that stand the test of time.

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