Dental Billing Services #1 DENTALREVU

Simplify your dental billing problems by putting the best dental billing services into action. DentalRevu is a leading dental billing firm that utilizes the best strategies and practices to assist you in resolving billing issues and achieving outstanding earnings.

Our primary objective is to assist your office in collecting any insurance funds that are due to you. This necessitates our involvement in some parts of your insurance claim processing to keep your insurance account balances over ninety (90) days to a bare minimum.

The Dental Billing Brand Promise DentalRevu offers a full-service dental billing solution whose primary focus is to grow your account receivables with an efficient management system at hand. From ensuring all your insurance claims get processed to collecting all the money you own, you can trust us to do everything with perfection!

  • 100% of what is owed to you will be collected.

  • We submit clean claims for payment within 1 business day.

  • We post all payments to patient ledgers in a single day.

  • We reduce your insurance premiums from 90 percent to 0 percent (and keep it there).

  • We follow up on all claims that have been aging for 30 days or more at least once every 10 business days.

Our Dental Billing Pricing Packages Depending on how many patients you serve monthly, the amount of effort required to process claims, submit EOBs, challenge denied claims, and maintain your over ninety days insurance accounts receivables to a minimum varies. The fees for this insurance accounts receivables service are dependent on the amount of money collected from insurance. All offices must adhere to the following payment schedule:

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