Dental health and environmental protection

According to a report in the second issue of Energy and Environment in 2010, current toothbrushes, regardless of the handle and bristles (including the toothbrush packaging), are made of plastic. Therefore, there are three serious problems:

1. Plastics are extracted from petroleum, and petroleum resources are non-renewable and will become less and less (calculated with 7 billion toothbrushes, 3 million tons of oil will be consumed and 8 million tons of carbon dioxide will be added).

2. It is not recovered after use and can only be discarded, causing environmental pollution (calculated with 7 billion toothbrushes, it will cause environmental pollution of 28 million square meters).

3. The plastic itself is toxic, which not only affects health, but also aggravates the condition (47% of patients with brush bristles contacting the mouth, dental disease and various oral diseases are difficult to cure, and 17% of them aggravate the condition and cause other diseases) .

A new generation of original ecological “bamboo toothbrushes” that are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low-carbon, and emission reduction, replace the traditional “plastic toothbrushes” that waste energy, pollute the environment, and are harmful and poisonous.

The original ecological bamboo toothbrush, its handle and outer packaging are made of high-quality natural moso bamboo as raw materials, and the bristles are made of bamboo biological fiber. Natural moso bamboo and bamboo biological fiber are renewable resources, which can be decomposed naturally, without any pollution to the ecological environment, and no side effects on the human body.

Sustainable development is the current development direction.

Due to climate change, our planet is undergoing various changes, and we should all do our part to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This is very important. Although it is unfair to put all the responsibility on one person, especially when big companies and our government really should make greater changes, we can still do a lot to protect the planet we call home.

One simple thing we can do is to choose a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush. Eco-friendly and clean!

Are bamboo toothbrushes better for the environment
Bamboo toothbrushes have the same teeth cleaning effect as plastic toothbrushes and are more environmentally friendly. One simple thing we can do is to choose a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush. Eco-friendly and clean!

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