Dental Implants Cost Melbourne; Implant Fixture, Implant Crown, and Full Dental Implant


The dental implants cost in Melbourne is less than you may think! Yes, are you looking to fix your gap teeth smile? It’s the right time to have your dental implant and fix your smile. You can have the dental implant in Melbourne just at $2850. It is the price of the Australian-approved high-quality dental implants material and the skilled dentist. Implant fixtures, implant crowns, and more are carefully selected since they should accept by the human body. So, all you have to do is, hire the right dentist like Paulo Pinho. He has placed over 3,500 Dental Implants in the past 15 years. Also, there will not be any hidden costs. Below are the clear cut details about the dental implants cost.

The Dental Implants Cost Melbourne 101

Implant Fixture

The cost of this implant fixture in Melbourne will be $1500

Implant Fixture is a small, screw-shaped structure placed under the gums. It acts as an artificial tooth root. With the process of osseointegration, the implant fixture will be inserted into your jawbone. This plays a big role to help residents in your mouth permanently. The human body usually accepts the material titanium. So, the implant fixture will be craft titanium to craft to avoid the risk of corrosion. To make it more quality with a guarantee, experienced dentists like Paulo Pinho will use titanium certified and approved by the Australian. So, the cost of this implant fixture will be around $1500.

Implant Crown

The cost of an implant crown in Melbourne will be $1350.

The implant crown is the final component of a dental implant. On top of the dental implants to resemble and function like normal teeth, the implant crown will be fixed over the dental fixture. Porcelain metal and zirconia are the material used to craft implant crowns. A well-recognised dentist like Paulo Pinho will usually get it made at the recognised Australian labs. And the price for this implant crown in Melbourne will be around $1350.

Full Dental Implant

The full dental implant price will be $2850.

Finally, the full dental implant – this lifetime lasting product proudly made by Australian professionals! So, adding both implant fixtures and full dental implants, the dental implant cost will be around $2850.

Final Wrap

So, are you looking to have the best dental implants in Melbourne? Book your appointment with a skilled dentist like Paulo Pinho now! They will provide quality material for the treatment as well as offer flexible payment options.

Did you know all of their crowns are made in Australia and come with five years warranty? So, fix your smile now.

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