Dental Nursing Profession in the UK

Are you intending to choose the dental nursing profession in the UK but have doubts in mind if it’s the right move for your career? Well, considering the upcoming intake scheduling by NHS, deciding on a dental nursing career in the UK is a great idea. As per the recent article published on BBC, the NHS aims to fill fresh fifty thousand open positions for the trained health care professionals of which dental nurses play a vital role in this gap by the end of 2024.

Dental Nursing Profession in the UK

Still, you may be overwhelmed with several thoughts coming into your mind. You may have a lot of circling questions hammering your brains before you finally make up your mind. However, considering the below benefits can help you decide why you should opt for a dental nursing career in the UK! Let’s dig a little deeper!

Job Security

Job security is one of the essential factors in choosing a profession. The dental nursing profession in the UK is unquestionable in terms of job security. So here comes the very first benefit of choosing a dental nursing career in the UK.

It’s really hard to imagine a hospital without a specialized dental unit. The trained dental nurses are the backbone of the dental departments that provides the much-needed quality services to the patients. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, NHS had somehow survived the shortage of trained dental nurses in the UK. Now, NHS is more conscious of filling up the vacant positions at the earliest.

Lucrative Salary

Undoubtedly, salary is another important factor in choosing a profession. However, the dental nursing profession in the UK can assure a decent amount of salary package depending on different skills in dental nursing.

As a beginner in the dental nursing segment, one can receive an initial prestigious pay of £ 24K p/a and other facilities. So, starting a dental nursing career in the UK would be superbly beneficial for sure.

Flexible Working Schedule

The flexible working schedule is another advantage for considering the dental nursing career in the UK. Being a professional dental nurse in the UK, you will normally be working on the 9-5 weekdays working hours in most cases with a few surgeries doing +- an hour in opening times.Some NHS and private surgeries do operate a half-day service on Saturdays to accommodate the busy lives of their client that cannot trip to the surgeries on the weekdays.So, having a flexible working schedule, it’ll be easier for the dental staff to manage their shift timings according to their preferences without worrying about long 12-hour shifts. This way, one can achieve a great work-life balance effortlessly.

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