Depict the Picture of Endless Love with Hammered Wedding Rings

If the couples are looking for a wedding band that will signify endurance, they should not miss out on the hammered wedding bands. The pounded texture of the band’s metal is a testament to the durability of their love and the capability to stand strong against the various trials of life. Even though they have been pounded time after time, the bands give them a rugged look, and the perfectly round shape of the ring is also maintained. The bands depict the picture of endless love.

Hammered bands can take whatever you are throwing on them, and intentionally weathered looks mean that even if few dents will only add to the ring’s character. These bands are ready for anything and can face a lifetime of knocks; in fact, the little imperfection makes them the most treasured part as the time passes.

These wedding bands for couples come in a combination of the rugged look provided by hammering at the center of the band, and the double polish edge adds a class without overpowering the ring’s roughness personality. The contract of the polished edges with pounded textures communicates the love between the couple with quiet strength. These hammered wedding bands are available in almost all types of silver hand-hammered band patterns to contemporary, edgy titanium hammered bands.

The most durable metals are the tungsten, titanium, cobalt chrome, which are also hypoallergenic in nature and highly resistant to scratches and corrosion or tarnish. The titanium metal is the lightest weight material with a light gray color made of cobalt chrome that is heavyweight and reflects white color. The tungsten is the heavier weight metal with dark gray color.

The rings prepared from platinum and palladium the luxury wedding bands and usually required superior craftsmanship among the hammered bands. Even though platinum and palladium are not as durable as tungsten, cobalt, chrome, or titanium, but the band prepared by such precious metals wear very well with time. But silver and gold are still the top metals that are preferred for hand-hammered rings as they are extremely soft and malleable.

The platinum hammered bands are the most expensive in terms of money, followed by gold, palladium, silver, tungsten, titanium, and cobalt chrome. Sometimes stainless steel is also used for hammered bands, and these are extremely durable and affordable too.

Though hammered bands are available in a wide range of styles, they are still unique, since different metals can be used to create hammered rings and couples can choose the rings based on their budget. These patterns don’t impact the band’s durability, and the biggest advantage of this pattern is that it hides small scratches and dents on the band. If the couple’s lifestyle is exposed to high wear and tear, then the hammered band style is the perfect style for the couple as it will camouflage the heavy wear even though it has a rugged look. They are highly comfortable since the hammered feature is only on the outside of the ring, and many of these patterns come with the round and comfort fit design.

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