Design a Welcoming Space

So you’re designing or building or perhaps upgrading your patio or deck. That’s great! There’s a lot to consider. There’s the foundation, layout, and design. And, the furniture – considering what pieces to buy is always fun.

The railing is also an important feature. It finishes your design and adds visual appeal, not only to your deck or patio, but also to your home and yard. There’s much to consider with the railing, too. You have to decide whether you want a distinct railing that stands out or one that blends in with your background or deck and patio.

Most importantly, however, your railing offers safety. You certainly don’t want your family and guests tumbling off your patio or deck.

Many manufacturers and distributors sell and hype various railing materials. But, what is the best railing material? The ones construction and design experts most commonly recommend? That’s easy. Aluminum (go ahead and check – we don’t mind at all).

Aluminum Railings

Once again, designers and construction experts most commonly recommend aluminum railings. The benefits of aluminum railings include:

  • Easy care
  • Cleaning Simplicity
  • Durability
  • Affordability (it’s less expensive than other metal materials)
  • Reliability
  • Low Maintenance
  • Rust Proof (unlike other metal rail materials)
  • Easy Installation (a DIYer can do it themselves)

Aluminum Railing Depot

Aluminum Railing Depot (ARD) is your one-stop site for all of your patio or deck aluminum railing installation needs. It exclusively deals PREFERRED® Aluminum Railing Products – the finest rail materials on the market.

ARD offers PREFERRED®’s railings in five different colors (black, brown, gray, sandstone, white) with textured finishes. Rails are available for level railing installation in 4 foot, 6 foot, and 8 foot length sections and are installed in a “post to post” fashion. ARD also offers level railing installation kits in the same sizes and colors. It is your railing kits home depot.
ARD offers two railings series:

  • Georgian Stair Railing Kit: Find brochure here.
  • Savannah Stair Railing Kit: Find brochure here.

Also see PREFERRED®’s how-to videos for assistance with railing installation

PREFERRED’s engineers use 6005-T5 to design the easiest to install, aluminum railings with a limited lifetime warranty, which guarantees that they have no design or materials flaws and will not peel, crack, flake, blister, flake, or rust.

ARD additionally offers aluminum stair railings and gates.

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