How To Design The Perfect Tennis Court For Your Home?

Tennis courts provide great health benefits, improve your strength and flexibility, and are one of the best ways to get exercise in the great outdoors. However, if you don’t do your Tennis Court Design properly, these benefits could be severely hindered. Here are some tips on how to design the perfect tennis court for your home.

Pick a Style

One of the most popular types of courts is a clay surface. The clay provides more traction and less sliding, which will help with quick stops, shots, and retrievals. Clay courts have been used in professional tournaments for years because they are less expensive and easier to maintain than other surfaces. If you want to feel like a pro when you play at home, this might be the best option for you. Many homeowners opt for a clay surface because it doesn’t require much upkeep. Another type of court that can be installed at home is called hardcourt or acrylic. These surfaces are often composed of materials such as asphalt or concrete, which offer an alternative to the traditional grass-based surface. You may find these kinds of Tennis Court Installation Brisbane in parks and schools where there’s no grassy area available.


When designing a new court, it’s important to consider safety first. Take into consideration children and pets who may be playing on the courts. Keep any obstacles out of the way so that people can’t trip over them or get hurt by them. Also, pay close attention to where you place poles or nets in relation to each other as well as any other objects near the courts. Make sure all poles are at least 12 inches from the edge of the court. Make sure that net posts are not too close to each other and ensure there is enough space for players to walk around them without risking injury.

Picking Colors

The colour of a tennis court can have a huge impact on how it is used and even how often you will use it. Some colours make you feel more energetic while others are more conducive to relaxation. One of the most important considerations when picking colours is how they will be impacted by natural light. If colour appears washed out in daylight, this is an indication that it will be difficult for players to see during play. It’s best to pick lighter colours or those with a bit of yellow tint which will remain vibrant throughout the day. When selecting a colour, keep in mind that some materials need to be replaced as they age and so will not provide as good protection from sun damage.


You now know all about what goes into Tennis Court Design and Tennis Court Installation Melbourne! To ensure that you get the best experience when playing on your new court, always wear shoes with good traction and keep them clean and dry before coming onto the surface. And finally, always remember to drink plenty of water during and after play!

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