Design Your Own NFC Business Cards

Contactless data exchange may have been around for years, but its importance was underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re looking for a cool way to make a great first impression on business prospects while ensuring safety, consider printed NFC cards. They are customisable as business cards that can facilitate sharing your information with prospects and colleagues without exchanging business cards.

NFC business cards allow you to share your information with another person’s smartphone with one tap. They are customisable, so you can design them to suit your unique preferences and branding requirements. You can add your personal and business contact details, links, documents, or photos to your custom card. Here’s how you can design your own NFC business cards easily:

Find a trustworthy manufacturer.

Purchase printed NFC cards only from a reputable source. Remember that you will be sharing some business or personal information with the manufacturer, so it’s important to deal only with a trustworthy manufacturer that respects your privacy.

Choose your NFC digital card

Pick an appropriate card with a design that can help you make a good and memorable impression each time. Consider a custom laser engraved hybrid metal card in a colour; that represents you as a professional or in a design that best reflects your brand. Some companies also offer custom printed NFC cards in clear, full colour, custom engraved, and encoded.

Know how it works

The card should have an NFC chip inside; to wirelessly send your information to a target phone. Tapping the card on NFC-compatible phones should show a link with all your contact information. All it takes is; one tap for the recipient to add and save those details to their phone. Make sure your printed NFC cards have a QR code, so older phones without NFC can scan them and retrieve your information quickly

Ensure high-quality materials

Make sure your custom printed NFC cards; are made of high-quality and durable materials. Reputable manufacturers double-check every custom order before printing or engraving, and they will get in touch if they think there’s a mistake. They will also provide programming instructions and links to apps, so you can encode, erase, lock, or edit the card by yourself.

About The Company:

NFC Tube is an online print and design company that provides innovative business cards. The company offers contactless smart card design according to the business brand and creates an impression that clients will never forget.

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