Design Your Wedding Reception Menu with These Tips


If you’re planning to have your wedding reception catered, you may feel overwhelmed by the details of creating and ordering your Sydney wedding catering menu. But don’t worry! These tips from the experts will give you an idea of what to consider when making your decision and when working with your caterers. Remember, these are just suggestions, so take what works best for you.

Who Will Be Attending?

Before you plan a menu, it’s important to know who will be attending. The number of guests, their likes and dislikes, and their dietary restrictions should all be considered when planning a wedding buffet catering menu. The food that you serve can have a huge impact on your wedding day – make sure that it’s something your guests will love!

What Is The Theme?

What is the theme of your wedding? The catering menu can be greatly influenced by the theme of your wedding. For example, if you’re having a rustic wedding, you may want to have the food served family style in baskets or on platters. If it’s a more formal affair, you may want to have your food served on pretty china and use less quantity per plate. What are some things that matter most to you when it comes down to picking out your menu?

What Is Your Budget?

So how much do wedding catering services usually cost? The average cost for a full-service wedding is about $14,000. But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay for it all upfront. You may be able to plan a payment schedule with your caterer and divide up the costs over a period of time.

How Much Food Do You Need?

How much food is enough? As a general rule, you’ll want to figure out how many guests will be in attendance and plan accordingly. Let’s say 150 of your closest family and friends will be there. You’ll want approximately 5-6 hors d’oeuvres per person, 4 entrees per person, 3-4 side dishes per person, and 2-3 desserts per person. If this sounds like a lot of food–it can sound overwhelming! But don’t worry! You don’t have to go all out for every course. You can get by with serving smaller portions on certain courses or skipping certain courses altogether based on what your guest list includes.

What Type Of Food Do You Want To Serve?

Do you want some decadent, over-the-top appetisers? Do you want a hearty, stick-to-your ribs entree? Or do you want something lighter and more refreshing for your guests as they head into dessert? There are plenty of options out there and a caterer can help with more ideas.

What is the serving style?

The serving style of your wedding catering menu will depend on how many guests you will be hosting. For a small intimate reception, a wedding buffet catering or family-style platters are great options. If you plan on having more than 150 guests, then it’s best to have a seated meal served by wait staff. With either style, it is important that there be enough tables and chairs for all your guests.


The dessert table is a fun way for guests to end their evening. It can be used as a place for people with dietary restrictions or a place for your favourite desserts. A dessert table is also a great opportunity to tie in other aspects of your wedding, such as flowers, colours and theme.

Consider these pointers to create a perfect wedding catering menu that’s sure to wow your guest and make it memorable.

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