Designer Sunglasses / Eyeglasses for Women 2021

As we shift back to normal after spending a year indoors, all people out there are excited to have a good trip with their loved ones. Designers have grasped this newfound optimism by highlighting various elements.  Eyewear is probably the essential accessory used these days and is not only in one size. People these days never leave the house without sunglasses. Sunglasses always provide a fashion statement. Eyewear trends are focusing on the balance of novelty and timeless design. Designer luxurious sunglasses and eyeglasses are what people look for today. It can not only make your outfit feel more enhanced, but it also protects your eyes from being blinded by the scorching sun. Also, designer sunglasses can hide your tired eyes better than a concealer can do. If you are here to know which are the best designer sunglasses and eyeglasses for women in 2021, then we have listed a few of our favorites here. Some are timeless, and some are currently trending, but they all will be the great accessory with your 2021 outfits.

From rectangular to cat-eye sunglasses, we have every uniquely designed sunglass of various brands. Here firstly, we will see the latest trending designer sunglasses for 2021.

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses have been in the market since 2020. Oversized sunglasses are highly preferred among women and are trending a lot. They always offer a fashion statement and can complement your look when combined with any designer outfit. With its rising trend in 2020, it has also been women’s favorite sunglasses in 2021. These Ray-Ban oversized sunglasses are crafted with utmost care and elegance that, whenever worn, offer you the most charming look.

Ray Ban Arista Sunglasses

Gucci brand is also popularly known for its playful and luxurious approach to eyewear, but these designer sunglasses are imaginative without being disgraceful. If you are blessed with a round or oval-shaped face, you can go for these square-shaped oversized shades. These Gucci sunglasses feature a full-rim metal frame. The rim of the sunglasses possesses a sparkle pattern which makes these pairs of sunglasses the must-have for every bold woman out there. Buy these top trending luxurious designer sunglasses of 2021.

Gucci Gold Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are available in almost all luxurious brands. You can browse it on

Butterfly Sunglasses

When it comes to stylish eyewear, undoubtedly, the 90’s trend has dominated for a few seasons now. However, butterfly-shaped frames add some severe kudos to winter and summer outfits. These minimalist shapes provide the perfect finishing touch to everything. Butterfly shaped sunglasses make the perfect pair with any blue denim to ethnics and oversized tailoring. These designer sunglasses feature a Havana acetate frame with brown gradient lenses. These frame suits all face types but if you have a round face, prefer butterfly-shaped sunglasses to create more definition.

Ray Ban Havana Sunglasses

Square Sunglasses

Colorful sunglasses may catch people’s attention, but if you prefer your vibe to be more charming, you need a pair of brown shades like this one by Gucci. Brown shades are evergreen and never goes out of style. This stylish designer Gucci frame is made from metal and nylon, which makes it durable and trendy. Great combinations of metal frame and brown lens that will make you look chic and stylish. Gucci brand never fails to amaze with their stylish and glamorous shades. Gucci sunglasses represent the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship for their quality and attention to detail.

Every woman almost looks for Ray-Ban sunglasses as the brand has almost set its benchmark in designer luxurious sunglasses by bringing new models continuously in the market. We have come across the best square sunglasses for a woman. These Ray-Ban RB2132 601S78 trendy square-shaped lenses offer a cool twist. The lenses are polarized and give 100% protection to your eyes from UV rays. Purchase designer matt polarized sunglasses.

Ray Ban Matte Polarised Sunglasses

Now we will see a few of the eyeglasses that are top trending among women.

Are you in search of new eyeglasses? Then you are at the right place. This will prove to be the perfect source for you today; our mission is to show you the most popular eyeglasses of 2021. We have seen many excellent eyeglasses, and we are sure you will find here all the topmost trending eyeglasses in 2021. We will list here few best eyewear trends that can update your style and make you look unique.

Tortoiseshell Eyeglasses

Fendi eyeglasses are popularly known for comfort and lightweight. If you are a fan of tortoiseshell eyeglasses, then you are lucky as they are back. The great advantage of this eyeglass is it suits every single outfit you wear and also suits every skin color, so you don’t have to worry if it suits you or not. We have brought you here the square-shaped tortoiseshell designer eyeglasses. Then this is the perfect pair of eyeglasses for you.

Fendi Dark Sunglasses

Not only this, there are various other designer eyeglasses in different shapes and designs in tortoiseshell color. You can find it here.

Gold Metal Eyeglasses

Gold metal eyeglasses are back in fashion and are trending a lot these days. All youngsters prefer wearing metal gold frames for progressive glasses. The gold metal frame gives you the dashing and stylish look. The metal frame is a fantastic trend for ladies these days. If you are fond of metal frame eyeglasses, you can buy Gucci designer round gold metal eyeglasses from Uniglasses.

Gucci Gold Glasses

There are various other gold metal frames of different brands which you can browse through on our website.

Aviator Eyeglasses

Oversized aviator eyeglasses are still in demand; it never goes out of style. However, these days’ girls prefer oversized designer eyeglasses as they offer an elegant fashion statement. We have a vast collection of timeless aviator eyeglasses which make you fall for them again and again. Here is one of the Chloe designer aviator eyeglasses for you that make a wow statement no matter if you wear a casual or formal outfit.

Chloe Havana Glasses

We also have a vast collection of luxurious designer eyeglasses if you want to remain always at the cutting edge of the trend. So what are you waiting for? Purchase your favorite eyewear from Uniglasses to increase the collection of designer sunglasses and eyeglasses in your wardrobe.

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