Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost: How to Grind for the Cipher Decoders

Destiny 2’s new event Festival of the Lost is rolling at full speed. The crazy thing about the following event is the drop rates of Cipher Decoders. In this new, players can unlock plenty of new and rare cosmetics and items that have never been seen before. The Cipher Decoders is a new resource item that has been added to the Festival of the Lost 2020 event. It allows you to unlock chests at Haunted Forest activity.

If you successfully unlock the chests, you’ll obtain a vast variety of rewards including legendary gears, Braytech Werewolf, event shades, Festival of the Dead Masks, and the Horror Story audio rifles. However, players are slightly disappointed by the drop rates of the Chiher Decoders, and investigators are finding a way to stock it up. So here is the guide to grind it.

How to Farm Cipher Decoders

The Cipher Decoders are unique legendary drops that usually reward the players for finishing the activities. So thinking of farming Cipher Decoders just by finishing Haunted Forest is not going to help a lot.

To find it, you have to check out all the close activities of the Destiny 2 universe. So the best way to farm the Cipher Decoders is to perform activities on all major events. When doing efficient grinding, time and difficulty is the most important factor. The best thing you can do is deal with the low tier Nightmare Hunts and play Heroic Story missions daily. While playing the Heroic Story Missions, watch out for:

  • Gateway, A Deadly Trial, Ice and Shadow, and Unbroken


  • Last Call, Nothing Left to Say, 1AU, and The Machinist.

So additionally you are also allowed to farm patrols. It can be completed efficiently and quickly if you play it correctly. While playing it, you simply need to move towards your destination where the patrols spawn frequently. “Kill enemies” is the fastest patrol, and you can easily locate it near the Artifact’s Edge on the Nessus and Thieves’ Landing on Tangled Shore. At the same time, some of the players believe that the Moon is the perfect zone because of easy Toland patrols.

What are the Best Ways to Get Cipher Decoders?

The best method to get the Cipher Decoders is the easiest and fastest method you can try. The patrol missions are the most straightforward method you can try. In the previous paragraph, you can find some easiest Heroic Story and patrol missions. These missions will not take more than 5 minutes to complete, but make sure these missions are available.

How many Cipher Decoders can you Hold?

Well, the exact number of holding Cipher Decoders is 25, and it is the maximum number that you can hold. Once you have maximum Cipher Decoders, you have to use some to unlock the chests at Haunted Forests to gather more. You can find a total of five chests at Haunted Forest, so once you get there, you can clear 5 Cipher Decoders easily.


Players are curious to know why the spawn rate of Cipher Decoders is down. After receiving plenty of complaints about a similar issue, developers have looked into this situation, and said, they’re monitoring the problem and trying to fix it. However, until the problem solves, players can try other options to farm Cipher Decoders that are quite straightforward.

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