Destroy All Humans: How to Return to the Mothership

The players of Destroy All Humans have started to march on Earth once again for the revival of the original 2005 alien-adventure series. When players are not scanning the human brains, they are required to return to the Mothership for some convenient upgrades and quick rest. Accessing the Mothership is simple. You simply need to finish your ongoing mission or exit the mission in the middle from the Pause Menu by choosing “Return to the Mothership” option. The Mothership feature works when the player is in the “Story Mode.”

When you enter in Mothership, you need to operate these following menus:

  • Pox’s Lab.
  • Mission Selection.
  • Archives.

“Pox’s Lab” is presented as the upgrade headquarters, and works in the same way. In the upgrading zone, players are allowed to upgrade their weapons and a heavy-armed flying saucer. To get genuine upgrades, you need to produce important “Furon” DNA from humans. These types of DNA can be used to purchase the upgrades directly. So collect as much as the Furon DNA to upgrade major firearms.

In the “Mission Selection,” you can take an overview of all the upcoming and completed missions. You can return in the following section to take some new challenges, or you can also get some additional challenges after completing some specific main missions. It is also possible to revise the previously completed stage challenges.

The last menu in the Mothership is “Archives” that enables you to review the tutorials, read about Destroy All Humans and apply for the new character skin. Archives feature is the least important element of the game, but this feature provides some cool details of the game.

Right now, the fans of Destroy All Humans have so many expectations from the game. Despite the gap of 15 years, fans are still excited about the game. Players who love to play the alien invasion category of games are getting attached to Destroy All Humans so quickly. The storyline, visuals and the features of Destroy All Humans are adaptive and easy to use. Mothership is a major part of the game. To move further in the game, players must visit the Mothership after completing every mission.

Mothership is like a hotspot of the game that provides every major assistance to the players. Weapons are important, but in higher levels they require upgrades. Remember to visit the Mothership after completing 2-3 missions.

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Source: Destroy All Humans: How to Return to the Mothership

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