Detailed Review with features of Microsoft Office


Microsoft office online is the most preferred form of office alternative as it enables the users to edit and share the files. One can create files the same way they did in conventional as before, such as word processing files or presentation files, to name a few. You must remember that Microsoft online uses the browser and requires you to have an internet connection. You can easily save these files and get quick access from anywhere. There are many benefits of using the online edition of the office program. You do not require software to be downloaded; it opens up each file format that Microsoft office uses often. You will be able to share the files you have created with anyone.


The online editions facilitate an excellent provision in which you can work on a particular file alongside others, which helps to save time and effectively collaborate. Make use of the free templates available in the online edition and enjoy the autosave feature that saves your work. The online version comes with a familiar user interface, as seen in the Microsoft office programs for desktop. The auto spell check feature is pleasing in outlook, one-note, and calendar, not to mention Microsoft word. The formats supported by office online are DOCM, PPTM, XLSM, DOCX, and more. The newer formats are fully supported by the Microsoft office online edition. The desktop variant has a lot in common with the online version.


The overview is pretty similar to what one sees in the office program using their desktop edition. The online edition works like a breeze and introduces the users to a new approach of using the package. It gives them the freedom to use the software without downloading the setup. The offline-online has received plenty of accolades from the users as it has provided easy access to the users who can use the package quickly, and all that is required is internet connectivity. Microsoft is working to fix the minor bugs in online, which will improve the efficiency of the product.

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