Develop a decent plan to handle state and local tax with attorney in Houston

Taxes on individuals and businesses at the local, state, and federal levels have a set of certain rules and regulations. You need to know the current tax law to understand the categories of expenses that are deductible, manage the tax implication, and other such details. 


The state and local tax laws grant broad powers to state and local governments to assess and collect taxes. Tax laws are confusing and complicated. You may fall short. Going into debt due to not filing or unpaid taxes can lead to a miserable life. From a simple state tax dispute to big federal tax issues, expert guidance is a must. Tax laws are confusing and complicated. When the time comes to pay and you may not feel well versed. Worry not! You are not alone. Thousands of Houston people struggle to keep up with the ever-changing world of taxes.


We Kreig LLC – a law firm analyzes the taxes you owe and guides you accordingly. We are here to help you with state and local taxes. Our law firm in Houston helps you with every type of state and local tax issue. It includes tax audits, tax planning, tax litigation, and more. We specialize in handling a wide range of legal issues which include: –


Audit representation


If you receive a straightforward audit notice from the IRS, you may handle it yourself. However, if you are concerned that an audit could result in more complex issues like tax fraud or any other discrepancy, a tax attorney can help you.


Delinquent tax return 


Filing outstanding tax returns allows you to bring your account to the IRS. But, filing late can also lead to substantial interest fees and penalties. When there is no way for you to pay your backtest, the state and local tax attorney in Houston help you to come out of the way. Our attorneys can negotiate complex resolutions like installment payments, wage garnishment, etc. to pay the debt on time. A state and local tax attorney offers to compromise to resolve the tax matter to give you the right tax relief for you.  


Call us today and take the first step to get a consultation with a tax attorney. We help you to tell the options to resolve your tax issue.

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