Develop a freelancing platform using the Upwork clone script

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Hey! Here comes an excellent app development idea that will connect job-seekers with job-providers. You will be familiar with freelancer job portals like Upwork, Freelancer, etc. These websites are highly helpful for freelancers in finding jobs that suit their skill sets. Among the different freelancer job websites, Upwork is the top-ranking website because Upwork lists different high-paid projects in comparison to other websites.

Here, we are going to look at the replica of Upwork, the Upwork clone. Interested? Come, let us uncover the traits of this Upwork clone app. Firstly, let us consider the app’s feature set and different revenue streams associated with this business.

Smart features of the Upwork clone

Social media integration

Nowadays, apps come with social media integration features. Using social media integration, users can sign in to the app easily. All they need to do is link any of their social media handles by providing the credentials.

Place bids

Freelancers can place bids on different projects posted on your website. The one with the highest bid will have the chance to take over the project.

In-app chat

Freelancers and job-providers can communicate with each other via the chat feature integrated into the app.


The in-app payment feature will facilitate users in making the transactions smoothly.

From the feature set, let us move on to the various streams of revenue guaranteed through the platform.

Sources of revenue streams associated with the app

Employer commission – Whenever the employer gets a freelancer, they will pay the commission fees to you.

Freelancer commission – When a freelancer gets a project, then he/she must pay the commission.

Listing fees – Employers must pay a certain amount to post projects on your app.

On the whole, launching a freelancer website will definitely be a success. Adopt the Upwork clone, customize the app, and launch it on the desired platforms.

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