Develop a Uber for handyman app so that your users need not undergo the trouble of finding a handyman

Running a household is not an easy task, and it is evident that we keep having minor repairs at home now and then. In fact, on average, a house faces minor repairs every week. Few of us do have a handyman whom we go to regularly for getting our services done, but which is not the case all the time. This is exactly where a Handyman service app like Uber comes into play. 


What do handyman service apps have to offer?

  1. Users can easily get a handyman within a matter of minutes to provide repair services for their household.
  2. Users can also avail services to do minor electrical works, renovation works, plumbing work, etc. 
  3. It is easier for the handyman to reach many customers, and they can also earn a good sum of money using this.
  4. The handyman will have steady gigs because of the large user-base and more demand.
  5. The app’s admin can act as a facilitator in providing a base platform for the handyman and the customers to connect.

The features that should in instilled while carrying out Uber for handyman app development

  1. Availability toggle where the handyman can update their availability. 
  2. Easy search where the users can request for a handyman and the same is assigned quickly 
  3. Geolocation service where the handyman can locate the user’s place. 
  4. Price estimate per services and also save the in-app payment integration system. 
  5. A significant admin panel by which the processes of the app can be monitored.

After carrying out uber for handyman app development, see that your workers/ handyman provide quality service to the users, which is essential for the business.

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