Develop one of a kind CypherPunks Clone with increased trade volume at INORU


The power of decentralization is transforming the entire world into digitized outlooks. Eventually, as the global economy is completely transforming itself with digital currencies, cryptocurrencies and NFT trading are on peak. Exclusively art-based concepts are ruling the market with increased traction and attention of the business. Especially the pixelated art NFTs, called Punks and NFT Platform like CrytpoPunks, are highly demanded, and the entrepreneurs seek a great future in these platforms. 

CryptoPunk clone 

Like you know, with increased opportunities for pixelated art trading, CryptoPunk has a great trading volume and hype in the market. The artist and creators in the platform with unique creations are provided a massive stage to explore their skills in a well-established manner. Therefore, for entrepreneurs who wanted to explore the crypto market, exclusively on trading art collectibles. Opting to build a similar platform like CryptPunk can be the best choice. Instead of the hefty process of building your business platform from scrap, you can choose to white label solutions. 

INORU helps you build a perfect NFT trading platform to trade. With our white label solution, we help you launch your CryptoPunks clone in a matter of a day at ease. Moreover, you can easily customize your trading platform with all the requirements. 

Check out the workflow of our CryptoPunk clone for more details. 

Workflow of the CryptoPunk Clone 

  1. The digital assets are tokenized using the ERC721 standard. 
  2. The smart contract backs the fictional digital art. 
  3. There is a unique and authentic verification process through command lines, and only after that, the platform allows the digital assets of the creators to get listed in the marketplace. 
  4. The creator has all rights to list their creation for auction or direct sale. Moreover, for every sale the asset undergoes, a royalty share is given to the creators, and it is confined while ownership is transferable in the marketplace. 
  5. The amount will be directly transferred to the wallet integrated with the account. Will multi-wallet integration tracks users as it eases transactions. 

Final verdict

We give you all liberty to choose your functionality and feature list for your digital asset trading NFT platform. The platform is highly impressive, right? You can confidently vest on developing a CryptoPunk clone with INORU. And what next/ you are the showstopper of the NFT market and artists, creators, and others come into your platform to trade rare assets.

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