Develop sensational NFT’s with Cyptopunks clone script


The world is running around NFT’s today. Wherever you go, someone will talk about NFT’s. Having something unique and flexing it in social media is always an immense pleasure. With 10,000 unique characters, crypto punks are collectibles stored in the ethereum blockchain. Though NFT’s are the new talk of the town, Crypto punks is the pioneer of NFT’s back in 2017. Now the craze of NFT is making people search for Cryptopunks clones.

Explaining Cryptopunks

NFT’s are being sold for several million dollars today. The most valued crypto punk today was sold for 530 million US dollars. But initially in 2017 when they were testing, they gave them for free. The value has hiked up like crazy in just 4 years. So what is really a crypto punk? A cryptopunk like other NFTs is digital pixelated art. The size is 24 X 24 pixels of punky characters of boys and girls. They became collectible in no time and people started to go after them like crazy. Entrepreneurs today are now fighting to join the race of cryptopunks with their own cryptopunks clone script.

Cryptopunks clone for your unique punky avatar

A cryptopunk clone is a replica of cryptopunks but is customizable according to your creativity. They are built on the Ethereum blockchain on ERC 721 standard. ERC 721 is a standard representing that it is a unique item on the Ethereum blockchain. The hash image of the art is backed up in a smart contract. The less a kind of character, the more valued it is. The created character can be listed for auction and the highest bid wins the digital art.

Creating a cryptopunk is not a dream anymore. You can now get your customized cryptopunk clone development with skilled NFT developers in the industry.

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