Develop your Draftkings clone and captive users effortlessly

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Hi there! The fantasy sports apps have become the real game-changers in the gaming industry. Through these apps, users can participate in different sports. Most importantly, these apps will provide reward points to users who win the tournament. DraftKings clone is one of the eminent fantasy sports apps that is loaded with plenty of features. Here, we will discuss the intricacies of the Draftkings clone and its revenue model.

Different Gaming Options You Can Provide To Users

Daily or Weekly Matches

Users can draft daily or weekly matches, create teams, and add players. Users are free to create and join any number of matches.

Prediction-based Matches

The prediction-based matches will lure the users as they can win rewards by predicting the outcome of the match.

Draft Mode

Draft mode lets users place bids on their favorite players. If a user wins the auction, then he/she can add that player to their team.

As a business owner, you will have to know the different monetization channels associated with fantasy sports games. Therefore, let us discuss the revenue model of fantasy sports apps like Draftkings.

Revenue Model Of The Fantasy Sports App

Registration fees – Every user can create a tournament or participate in a tournament only after paying the prescribed registration fees.

Merchandise – In-app purchases are one of the money-making channels. You can sell merchandise products related to sports. I am sure that users will love purchasing sports merchandise.

In-app promotions – Your fantasy sports platform is the best for attracting sponsorships and promotions. Third-party service providers will use your platform to promote their services/products which in turn will gain revenue.

Winding up, if you are interested in deploying a fantasy sports app, then the Draftkings clone would be the best choice. Also, the app has a really alluring set of features that will keep attracting users.

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