Developers found that losses in EVE Online became the key to fanaticism

The well-known large-scale space MMORPG EVE Online has been running smoothly for its 17th anniversary. The developer CCP Games recently conducted research on the lifespan of the game and produced some interesting findings. First of all, the massively multiplayer online space-exploration game encourages players to socialize the game by rewarding skills and knowledge is very successful. Another very interesting thing is that players’ losses in EVE Online will stimulate their enthusiasm, which does not happen in most other games. Generally speaking, players hate to suffer losses in the game, and many people originally intend to pay other costs in order to avoid these losses.

If losses cause players to have strong negative emotions, why does this strange phenomenon appear in EVE Online? Hilmar Pétursson, CEO of CCP Games, explained this in a speech at the GamesBeat Summit in 2020.

Pétursson said that in EVE Online, destructive losses usually become a turning point in the player’s game experience. Players occasionally make mistakes and cause them to lose everything they have gained, such as precious mineral resources or even the entire spaceship. But this also means that Cheap EVE Echoes ISK players have the opportunity to become true EVE Online veterans, provided that they can get support from other players in the game and get rid of temporary difficulties.

The opportunities and losses in EVE Online are equal. This is the concept that CCP Games adhered to when developing this game. Players must pay corresponding labor to gain any benefits in the game. This process makes digital sweat have real meaning for players. At the same time, this is why EVE Online players can establish strong social relationships in the game, because the contribution of each member will have a significant impact on the entire team. It is worth noting that most players are more willing to support their social circle, because humans have always been social animals.

From this perspective, devastating loss is not just a punishment for players, it is also an opportunity to encourage social groups to overcome difficulties together. If the players successfully break through the short-term dilemma, then the members of this team will be more united. Correspondingly, there will be more players who want to join this kind of mutual assistance team, because every player may encounter accidents in the game. In most games currently popular, players usually cannot get a similar gaming experience. The good news is that now fans of EVE Online can continue to play this game on their phones, because EVE Echoes was officially released in the middle of last month. If you suffer losses in EVE Echoes, you can find friends in the game to help you solve the puzzles. Of course, you can also choose another method, which is to Buy EVE Echoes ISK directly from MMOWTS.

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