Development of my new ecommerce in Magento 2

The benefits of currently developing an eCommerce on the most modern version instead of on its previous version, leave no room for discussion. Therefore, if you are thinking of developing a new online sales channel whatever your business model, or if you already have one, but on a platform that does not cover your needs or your expectations, we hope that this kind of Magento tutorial 2nd guide of this new version will serve as a point of reference to learn more about this open-source eCommerce platform.

At, as eCommerce experts and official Magento solution partners, we will be happy to assist you and help you in the implementation of your online store. If you want more information about Magento conversion rates, you can visit our eCommerce services and contact us via email or phone. We will be delighted to help you.

Unlike in an update or convert Magento 1 module to Magento 2 where the structure of the tool was preserved and although it could be a more or less complicated process due to the state of the core or simply due to modules or third-party developments.

The process of converting Magento 1 theme to Magento 2 is more than just an update, a migration since the software structure is completely different and is not a step as automatic or simple as performing an update within the same version of the tool.

The most important thing when carrying out a migration process between both versions of the platform will be to know points such as what extensions we have, what own customizations we have made, the need to integrate the same design or update it, as well as all the customer information, orders, invoices or any type of integration with third parties such as ERPs or CRMs to which we are connected and we need to exchange information.

If you are not familiar with current Magento, you might think that Magento 2 is an updated and more modern version of Magento 1 (which is true), but that you may not need the new version and that with Magento 1 your business can work perfectly without the need to use “the latest” on the market.

At, as the official Magento partner, we do not hesitate to recommend the new version of the eCommerce platform to the detriment of Magento 1, betting on a modern, updated, and long-term online sales portal with the that we can implement any online business model.

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