Equipment for Measure Dew Point and How to Measure?

Dew point is referred to the temperature at which air has to be cooled for water to condense into dew or frost. The environmental factors help to determine the goodness of many industrial applications. This is why you have to measure the dew point to determine it because it is essential in many trades. Dew point is also essential in determining corrosion in metals and is also used in many chemical processes. Dew point measuring tools have also become essential in everyday industrial processes.

How to Measure Dew Point

You can determine the dew point using air temperature and relative humidity. You will use a psychrometer to measure it. A psychrometer is a device made of a metal rod and is around six inches long.

It has a thermometer fixed at the top. To determine the accurate measurement, you will have to hold the base and sling over the thermometer. This device helps you to determine relative humidity by measuring the actual air temperature and the wet-bulb temperature.

You can directly measure the dew point using a hygrometer. The hygrometer has a mirror, light beam, and a light detector. Dew will form on the mirror when the air in the chamber cools to its dew point. The dew will then block the entering light. The light detector will then sense the light’s blocking, which will show that the air has reached its dew point. The hygrometers are the size of a laptop, and you can purchase them online. You can also measure dew points using relative humidity.

Equipment For Measuring Dew Point


Hygrometers are the most common devices used to determine dew points. This device is known to be a humidity transfer standard. The process includes a cooling mirror until the water vapor has started to condense on the surface. You will then measure the temperature of the mirror. 

Hygrometers are primarily used in the laboratory to monitor the environments of storage value. It is also used in material creation and dry food production.
Always make sure to be careful with the mirror because it can be polluted. This device is sensitive, and you will always have to clean it to get the best results. You may also experience some maintenance costs. To inspect and maintain your hygrometer, make sure to use a microscope. 

You can as well open the sensor manually using the attached springs. You can find hygrometers in digital makes, and this enables wireless readings. Other instruments for measuring dew point include;

· Polymer sensor
· Lithium chloride sensors
· And aluminum oxide hygrometers


Dew point is the air that requires cooling so that you can get relative humidity. The above articles will help you to understand how to measure the dew point. You will also understand the instruments used to determine the dew point. What is dew point? Measuring the dew point is always essential, and you should make sure you understand everything about it. You can as well seek help from the experts and do more research.

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