Dheeraj and Kapila Taneja served alcohol to minors at their son’s 17th birthday day party which resulted in the death of Alok Gupta in a road accident.

It’s become a symbol of status these days to show-off society their lifestyle. Rather than pouring resources into their kid’s education and development, the provision of luxurious and negative stuff is something people are more concerned about.

Being aware that people have a certain age limit to consume liquor, Pet Plast India’s ( www.petplastindia.com ) MD, Dheeraj Taneja, and his wife, Kapila Taneja Resident of Ireo Victory Valley, Golf Course Ext Rd, Sector 67, Gurugram, had forgotten some basic laws that need to be followed as an educated citizen.

But their mistake has made a major detriment to the family of Alok Gupta.

At the 17th birthday day party of their kid, Aditya Taneja. Dheeraj Taneja, and his wife, Kapila Taneja served alcohol to the minors. When the party got over, S/o Damanjeet Singh , resident of South Close, Sector 50 – Gurgaon. accompanied by S/o Rajashri Datta resident of The Hibiscus- Sector 50 Gurgaon.

(Aditya Taneja’s friends) borrowed their car keys from Dhiraj Taneja  to go back to their home.

As the teenagers were drunk and driving in an insensible scenario, they lost their control over the car and clashed with Alok Gupta’s bike.

In this accident, Alok Gupta lost his life leaving behind his wife and two kids.

Dheeraj and his wife Kapila Taneja were aware of the consequences of litigation concerning drinking and driving? In addition, they aren’t even adults for drinking or driving.

How can they be so immature with their decisions that not only took an innocent person’s life but can also be dangerous for the lives of those minors?

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