Are Infertile Men At Higher Risk of Diabetes And Osteoporosis?

Are Infertile Men At Higher Risk of Diabetes And Osteoporosis?


Some men can be infertile. This means that they have low sperm count, low amount of production of the sperms, have abnormal functioning of the sperms we have a system where delivery of sperms becomes difficult. Though the infertile men can be treated to some range, treatment for a full cure is not possible. 


These men have often come under the category for not being able to have a family in the future. Reasons for infertility can include a childhood disease, an internal problem, or a trauma. To assess if a man is suffering from infertility or not can be done through various tests that can be done at the services where there are health care providers.


There could be some physical examinations done that could should you for infection, varicocele, or hernia. There could be tests conducted to check the quality of your sperms or their health. This is done by the collection of sperm. One of the tests that can be done is the measuring of your hormones, screening your genetic, or having a biopsy of your testicles. 


Treatments are done after finding the root of the problem. Once the problem is found the solution is not far away. Treat might include surgery which will help to repair abnormalities and the damage to the organs where sperms are produced. Different medical technologies could be bought in use for the female to get pregnant by taking out the sperms of the male. 


Several drugs and medications can be put to work. Cause such as an imbalance in the hormone or erectile dysfunction could be treated with drugs. If after the use of all these treatments also a man is not able to his family, in vitro techniques can be used to get a child. 


When Is The Right Time For A Male When He Suspects Of Infertility

The men do not usually visit a doctor. There are times they should go for regular check-ups to keep their body in check. Men won’t even visit a doctor until and unless it is needed. It is better to talk stuff like this between the partners if the could have been trying to get a baby for a long time. Below are the special situations for men when they should visit a doctor as soon as possible. 


  • When a man gets tested and is found to have a low sperm count
  • When he has other problems with his sperms
  • When he had problems with prostate glands, testicular or other sexual problems
  • If he had undergone any treatment for breast cancer or any other cancer
  • If he has a family history of infertility problem in the past
  • If he has or had erectile dysfunction.


What Are The Risk Factors Of Having Infertility Problems?

Infertility problems can be there in both men and women. Several risk factors could aggravate this problem. Some of the risk factors are given below:


  • Get More Exercises Done: Not exercising daily can bring you at the danger of obesity. Obesity is the problem when too much fat starts to accumulate in your body and hinders your daily life. Obesity can build up because of not getting too much exercise. Not getting enough exercise today could be the reason of having erectile dysfunction tomorrow. 


  • Age: Age is the factor that is quite common for quite many men. As the males start to get older they can suffer from the problem of being infertile when compared to women. If you are trying to get your girl pregnant for building a future together but not able to, visit a doctor for sure.


  • Excessive Use Of Alcohol: A lot of times men drink too much alcohol. Sometimes it could be in peer pressure, or sometimes it could be in stress. Drinking too much alcohol could cause men to infertility. Alcohol directly taken or taken with beverages harms the sperm count and decreases its motility too. 


  • Getting overweight: The point is the same as obesity. Too much intake of food filled with cholesterol harms the sperm count in the body. Having an inactive lifestyle could harm your reproductive systems. 


How are Men Suffering From Infertile At The Risk?

Men who have very low sperm count often are said to be at the risk of having diabetes mellitus or osteoporosis. This will not happen al of a sudden but after some years down the lane. These metabolic diseases could be caused in the future just because you are suffering from infertility today.  

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Studies have been conducted to check if doctors could predict that men aging more than 50 years could be at the risk possibility pf having either diabetes mellitus or osteoporosis. In a study conducted it was seen that around 15% of the partner couples which have infertility, almost half the time it was the man being the infertile men. There are factors included in men being infertile. 


Having A Low Sperm Count

In a study conducted more than 150 men were called to the tests. In an age range between 18 to 50 with all of them having a low sperm count. They were compared to the other men in many aspects including the levels of sex hormones, blood sugar levels, bone mineral density, and other signs and tests.


In the aspect of having low testosterone, the level was 10 to 12 times high with the men who had infertility when compared to the ones who were in the control group. About one-third of the men who had problems in their fertility and low level of testosterone also were found to have a very low level of mineral density in their bones. 


Men who had a low level of testosterone had a high level of triglycerides, an increased risk factor of having a metabolic disease, and have signs of resistance from insulin. These tests were compared with the men who were on the control side. 


Keep Your Hormones In Check

When studies showed that the men who had problems with fertility, they showed risk factor for other problems too. A relation was showed with people having low testosterone and diabetes. A relational graph was shown that most of these patients would be obese. 


If you have any of the three factors around you, this should be a hint for you to buckle up and start up your game. There might be a solution to the problem that might have a problem with testosterone and its levels. They can sort out through therapies. Though no studies can prove that testosterone therapy could be the final solution for all your bone issues and setting the bone mineral density or issues adding to your metabolism. 


What About The Older Guys?

Infertility or low testosterone has shown a link to the diseases of metabolism, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, and heart diseases, especially in older men. Low T level could be the ultimate marker for general poor health in the men. 


Doctors could give their patients the solution of testosterone therapy though knowing it is not the solution. But if the man’s testosterone that could be the actual solution for the moment. 


Diagnosing For Male Infertility

Before getting up for the treatment, the problem must be diagnosed. There are many solutions but before that let’s discuss how to diagnose the problem.


  • Analysis Of The Semen: The samples for the semen can be obtained in different types of methods. The semen can be obtained after a man masturbates and ejaculates the semen in a contained given by the doctor. But some men want to go for the alternative method.

    After the collection of the semen by the doctor, the semen sample is sent to the laboratory and the measurements are taken. The number of are taken in count, abnormalities, and morphology is taken into consideration, and the motility of the sperms is considered. The count of the sperms might fluctuate from one specimen to the next session. 


  • Taking The Medical History: Physical examination of your genitals, questioning the inheritance, having health problems, and past or present medical history. The doctor could question sexual life including all of your habits and development of puberty. 


  • Other Additional Tests: Other additional tests for male infertility checking can include: Hormone testing, scrotal ultrasound, transrectal ultrasound, special function tests for sperm, testicular biopsy, genetic test, and post ejaculation tests. 


Getting The Treatment For Male Infertility 

Most of the time the cause of infertility can’t be pinned down. If a male partner is suffering from infertility, the girl should get to. Treatments for male fertility can be as follows:


  • ART: ART or Assisted Reproductive Technology are the treatments that include ejaculation, or extracting sperms surgically or getting a donor, and then inserting the same into the female uterus. 


  • Surgery: Getting a surgery especially in cases of prior vasectomies


  • Getting your infection treated: Getting an antibiotic treatment


  • Treatment for Hormones and All The Medications: Getting your hormone replaced or getting the medication. 



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