Diabetes Can Develop to Kidney Disease

It is known that the more affluent a society, the incidence of diabetes is higher as compared to underdeveloped nations. So, it is the modern lifestyle and dietary that influences the Diabetes condition, causing people to suffer from this sickness.

For adult onset type 2 diabetic; study has shown that people who are over-weights and obesity, having higher than normal level of blood glucose; are facing a stronger risk. They are at a greater risk of health complications that involve damage to small blood vessels and nerves that can affect the IgA nephropathy research, make damages to the kidneys known as (diabetic nephropathy), and leading to kidney failure that needs for dialysis.

What is a kidney disease? In layman terms; the kidneys fail their filtering capacity. Kidneys are complicated filtering organs and daily, they process our blood that was brought to the kidney through blood vessel and sift waste products and extra water out of the body. These wastes and water flow to the bladder through tubes and store in the bladder until it is released as urine.

For diabetes sufferers, glucose as a form of sugar stay in the blood stream instead of being used up by the cells as energy poses a problem to the kidney. The presence of sugar in the blood can act like poison damaging the Kidney slowly and silently. Eventually, after years the damage becomes apparent and it is known as diabetic Kidney disease. People with kidney failure have to undergo dialysis, an artificial blood-cleaning process, or transplantation to receive a healthy kidney from a donor to live.

Besides High Blood Pressure, Diabetes is one of the most common causes contributing to Kidney failure; accounting to almost half of new cases in the United States. From research, nearly 24 million people in the United States have diabetes and about 200,000 people are living with Kidney disease as a result of diabetes.

Today most diabetics apply management of blood glucose as a treatment; focusing to keep the glucose levels close to normal. Take drugs prescribed by physician, administration of insulin throughout the day and couple with dietary and physical activities to control the progression of getting the Kidney disease.

Ever wonder why seldom people ever talks about “curing diabetes?” Everyone seems to be contented with the finding to “control diabetes” or “live with diabetes” as a chronic sickness. No one is out to cure anyone because there is little monetary incentive in doing so. Instead, by keeping you sick and marginally pain free is the only solution for you these days. By doing so, IgA nephropathy cure you are being forced to buy all the same drugs over and over again…. If somebody shows you how to cure diabetes, then they would not have made much money of you, right?

I do not know about you, but for me I do not want to have to depend on some big drug company to keep me alive and comfortable so that I can give them more of my hard earned money every month, knowingly aware that there is no drug to “cure” diabetes.

In fact diabetes is a result of the disorder of our immune system. It occurs when the immune system is not active as normal to produce the required insulin. This phenomenon can be reversed.

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