Diabetic Socks – What are they, and why are they needed?

People with diabetes have compromised blood flow to their feet. It’s sensitive to the point that they are susceptible to several foot conditions. That means they need to keep their feet protected at all times. That’s where these socks come in.

What are diabetic socks?

Socks for diabetes are ideal for those with diabetes as they are designed to keep people with diabetes protected from additional problems. The socks are also constructed with the comfort of diabetic patients in mind as they come with several features that contribute to their overall well-being and health.

What are those features?

Many of these socks come with the following features:

  • This means there’s very little protrusions in the socks. Those protrusions might not seem like enough. But seams can rub against the skin. For someone with extremely sensitive skin like people with diabetes, that can lead to wounds, ulcers, and blisters. These could become even bigger wounds.
  • Non-constricting. Normal socks have garters. But again, garters rub against the skin and can lead to open wounds that might not heal. That could lead to infection. Also, tight socks limit blood circulation and that’s already a problem with diabetics, as their blood flow to their feet is compromised. The right socks won’t add more to a patient’s already existing circulatory problems.
  • Cushioning and padding matter as they prevent injuries. Sensitive feet can bleed or rupture against the slightest pressure. Cushioning and padding help prevent that.
  • The socks keep diabetics warm. The poor circulation to their feet often means that their feet stay cold. Socks keep them warm and comfortable. And because of the loose fit, the socks also aid better circulation of the blood.
  • If you’ve ever wondered why these socks often come in white, no it’s not because they like boring colors. The logic behind this choice is simple. Diabetics, because of the reduced sensation in their feet, might not be aware that they’re already hurt or bleeding. They might not feel any pain. But if they’ve got white socks on, then the blood stains will appear right away. They serve as an additional warning to diabetics to be careful. It also tells them if they’ve been hurt without them even realizing it. That way, they can take steps to stop the bleeding and treat the wound.
  • Moisture-wicking. When you look for socks, pick those that are able to wick moisture out of the sock, allowing it to dry as quickly as possible. That’s definitely an advantage when you pack socks for a hiking trip.

Where to shop for socks?

Look for a trusted source online. Be sure to go over reviews. What do other customers have to say about the company’s products and service quality? Are they happy with the socks? Are they happy with the customer service team? What kind of reputation does the shop have? How long has it been around? What kind of problems or issues have customers encountered over the years when they did transactions with the online store? Do your homework and answer all those questions.

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