Diamonds: How to Buy and Where to Buy

Diamonds are the most essential and expensive jewelry a woman can have! It cannot just make you look stunning but can also add charm to your wardrobe.  With diamonds sometimes the more you research, the more you feel like you know. Because there are so many different sources that provide conflicting information it can make your head spin. Most of the information out there is not based on facts so you have to sort through all the important findings and what to focus on. In this article, I will try to break the diamond purchase into nine easy steps to follow the steps of any engagement ring or diamond shopper that I can use as a good starting point. Let’s try to take the pressure off of it and make it a fun, sensible thing! Here is your brief about how to buy a diamond –

Set Budget

No matter what you want to achieve based on the stone or the engagement ring as a whole, be sure to set a limit on what you would like to use in every purchase. Once you have decided on the design of the ring (the only process we will write about in a future blog), subtract the optional engagement ring from your engagement ring budget and this will leave you with the amount you can only spend on institutional diamonds. Insert a picture of the engagement ring

Pick a Shape

Choosing a medium diamond shape is an easy step and this is just a matter of personal preference. Today, many couples buy engagement rings to get started, and then go into a one-on-one show to keep the surprise alive. With this initial stage of browsing/discovery be sure to encrypt the center shape of the diamond as this is something you will never find fault with. Even if you can reduce it to two or three higher rivals, that would be better than trying to guess.

Choose Cut

Diamonds “cut” and “shape” are sometimes used differently but don’t be mistaken. Shape is the general text of a stone, while cutting refers to the arrangement of a feature and the size of a particular shape. If you do not choose a round diamond, this step is very important. Round diamonds are easy to check because they are all cut to form a perfect circle.

Find Color & Clarity Range

Because each diamond shape reflects a quality differently, the shape you selected above can guide you in choosing these quality parameters. For example, emerald cut diamond is good for concealing color but you need to point up at clarity; watch this video on Emerald Cut Diamonds to see exactly what we mean.

Target a Carat Size

Depending on your budget, the status quo you choose and the quality you identify, then you can decide which diamond size you will be able to achieve. Because some diamond shapes are more expensive than others and quality features vary in shape, this will help you come up with the right carat size you can aim for.

Start the Process

The next step is to start getting ideas about certain diamonds that meet your costing costs and their availability in the market. The best way to do this is to talk to a real person who can guide you through the process. Using only the diamond sellers of the website can be helpful in helping to measure prices and give you a broader market experience, but you may not be able to get the professional advice you need.

Narrow Down the Selection

Once you’ve found your favorite diamond / size / price it’s time to hone your focus. You may want to get at least one more stone for comparison purposes to make sure it is accurate. It is not a good idea to compare the same (or very similar) size, clarity, and diamond cut within a genre.

Don’t Get Bogged Down

This step can go anywhere in the process, but most of the time we find that the client is ready to pull the diamond but something is stopping them; whether they are asking for the views of too many people or just starting to research a topic on the web. Diamonds can look good in appearance, check all their boxes for quality and price yet they find something they can hold on to. Some sites say you do not buy a diamond with a hole or that has a fluorescence, or a friend may say the color they have chosen is ‘not enough’, etc. While you want to make sure you get a good deal, there are some things you can compromise on.

Right Time to Buy

The diamond market is very wet so a well-cut diamond with good quality marks and a competitive price will go up quickly – especially for beautiful diamonds. You don’t want to go through all the steps above, stay in the right diamond, and then you have to start over because someone else hit you on it.

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