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In search of the perfect getaway? It’s easy to forget that Diani, which lies just outside Mombasa on the coast of Kenya, has some of the most stunning beaches in all of Africa, as well as scenic forests, waterfalls and even an elephant sanctuary. If you’re planning to visit this beautiful area, there are plenty of Diani vacation rentals and homes that you can rent in order to ensure that you’ll have everything you need while you’re there.

Everything you need to know about renting a home or apartment

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you probably have a few questions about renting a home during your trip. There are so many options out there and some can be downright confusing. Here are our experts’ answers to common questions about vacation rentals in Diani. If you have more questions, leave them in the comments below!

Things to do with your family

In Diani, your family will want to do everything from learning how to surf or going on a guided nature walk through local wetlands, to visiting markets for some shopping. Children will particularly enjoy seeing how Kenyans live and go on a safari tour through open plains where giraffes roam freely. But don’t forget that it is fun for adults too, who can check out local markets selling spices, sweets, and leather items while they sip tea with locals in an open-air café. All of these attractions are conveniently located near rentals like Jojo Villa so you won’t have far to go to experience everything there is to see in Diani. Traveling with family?

Things to do with friends

Diani is a great beach location, but it’s also a fantastic place to just relax by yourself. Many of our guests come here without their friends or family-and they love it! Grab your swimsuit and go to any one of Diani’s beaches; you’ll quickly notice that everyone is friendly, especially those in bathing suits. Join in with other swimmers for an afternoon game of volleyball or ask someone to show you how to surf. If relaxing at home sounds more appealing, rent a kayak from Marina Dhow (they also offer lessons) or head out for some wine tasting at nearby Landa Winery & Restaurant.

How to make the most of the experience

For many, a vacation in Diani means a relaxing holiday at one of its spectacular beaches. With miles of soft sand lined with coconut palms, there’s no shortage of places to set up camp for an afternoon or spend an entire day lounging in front of turquoise waters. But there’s so much more to do in Diani than sitting on a beach all day. Whether you want to explore vibrant markets, meet friendly locals or get some adventure under your belt, here are our favorite things to do when you visit Diani!

How safaris can enhance your stay

Planning to visit Diani, Kenya? If so, you’re in for a treat. Safari tours of Africa are always a popular choice for travelers, but if you’re looking to create more than just an African safari itinerary, Diani is a good place to start. There are some fantastic safari companies based here on which tourists can sign up for game drives that take them through plains full of elephant and lion-or nearby Tsavo National Park where they might spot other animals such as rhino, hippo or leopard.

Where are the best places to eat?

If you’re not a foodie, that’s fine. But there’s no reason to miss out on some of Africa’s finest cooking. Whether it’s a spice tour in Zanzibar or eating pizza in Khartoum, our list of best restaurants by country will get you looking at restaurants in an entirely new way. Most people tend to favor famous tourist destinations when they visit a city, but why eat at boring chain restaurants if there are so many great local spots? Enjoying simple meals at local joints will make your trip more authentic, more fun and certainly cheaper. Happy eating!

What kind of food should I bring?

Diani is a small but very busy beach town just south of Mombasa in Kenya. With its long beaches, it attracts thousands of visitors each year. If you don’t have time to rent a villa or an apartment for your stay in Diani, it’s not a problem. Most hotels offer beautiful rooms with all modern amenities and luxury that will fit any budget. Since most visitors coming to Diani are from Europe or North America, these guests prefer western standards when they go on vacation so you will definitely find affordable accommodations here if that is what you are looking for! Remember that there are no ATMs in Diani so make sure you bring enough cash (Shilling) with you before you arrive.

What are some other practical things that I should know?

Before you start planning your trip, it’s important to get in touch with one of our representatives to discuss logistics like scheduling. Traveling to Kenya may seem simple, but there are a lot of important factors you’ll want to be sure you consider before you hit the road-like whether or not you’ll need vaccinations and if a visa is required. Our team will take care of all those details for you so that your vacation can be stress-free. Another common question we get is about safety. Diani Beach has been listed as one of Africa’s safest beaches, making it a great place for families (including kids!). And don’t forget that almost all activities come with insurance included in your rental rate!


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