Did You Know that Keanu Reeves Had Given Up $40 Million from Matrix Sequels As a Gesture of Gratitude?

We can all acknowledge the fact that there is a reason Keanu Reeves survived in Hollywood. We have seen his acting virtuosity, and we know that he has some range. He gracefully accepts difficulties and, more often than not, shows off his acting skills even in the projects that do not end up doing well at the box office.

Keanu Reeves

However, the aspect the fans love the most about him is his nature and the fact that he is always ready to help people.

Many bad stories did come out of Hollywood after 2016, but the image of Keanu Reeves remained pristine. Stories that did come out about him only bettered his perception among the public.

People familiar with Hollywood are aware of what back-end points mean, but the term back-end-points is synonymous with the term percentage points for people outside the industry. Nevertheless, the points mean the percentage of earnings from a particular film or series project.

It can be worked out in a number of different ways, but basically, it will depend on what the actors and creators have agreed upon. So, it means that if the movie ends up making a profit, the actors who are liable to get a share of it will get it.

Residuals are a different thing. It’s a sum of money paid to you if the producers or distributors re-use your work (like that Tony Stark scene in Spider-Man: Far from Home). Residuals is a big term in the TV industry as the actors get paid a handsome amount of money if their show gets a rerun on a different channel.

Reeves, who we very well know is more interested in creativity than profit, refused to take a load of cash from his back-end-points of Matrix sequels and distributed it among the special effects crews. It speaks volumes about his generosity, and given the fact that the special effects did play a big part in making Matrix a hit, it makes logical sense as well.

A source from inside the production team has revealed that Reeves felt that the special effects team are the ones who should be paid that amount because they deserve all the credit.

Reeves didn’t have to think too much, though, as he already had a lot of money from the films. He was paid $10 million upfront, and despite the fact that he gave up $40 million, he still had a lot of money after the release of the films, which amounted to $35 million at least.

We don’t know a lot about the technicalities of the payments, so it is unclear why he was paid $35 million when he had already given up all the back-end points. However, we know that many payment processes are controlled by the protocols set up by the SAG (Screen Actors Guild), which also takes care of the residuals.

Keanu Reeves will be seen again as Neo in the 4th Matrix installment, which is due for a release in 2022.

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Source – Did You Know that Keanu Reeves Had Given Up $40 Million from Matrix Sequels As a Gesture of Gratitude?

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