Dietary patterns that Improve Health and Lower Body Mass Index

For many years now, obesity has been recognised as a disease by medical practitioners all over the world. However, the solution has also been found to not lie in crash diets or unhealthy eating disorders but by following routines that ensure best practices are being followed. 

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is the best calculation of the total mass in your body and will enable you to understand and assess your lifestyle and related choices better. The BMI calculator will tell you whether your BMI is how much it should be or whether you should be looking into following healthier routines.

If your BMI calculator is showing that you could afford to lose a few kilos, there are several ways for you to ensure that. Read on to learn about the different ways in which you can improve your health and lower your BMI levels.


  • Ingest Lesser Calories than You Can Lose:
    The best way to ensure that your BMI levels remain normal is to make sure that you are only ingesting as many calories as you are able to burn. Basically, the food you eat has to be balanced with the amount of activity your body receives in a day. Even if you increase the amount of food you eat, it is important to adjust your activity levels accordingly to ensure you are remaining healthy.
  • Don’t Eat Lesser Amounts of Food:
    Lesser amounts of food are not going to make you lose weight quickly, and are also an unhealthy routine. The best way to diet is to choose foods that fill you up quickly but are low on calories. Pick foods for your diet that are rich in nutrition, such as minerals and vitamins that offer value to your body, and then ensure you stick to them.
  • Eat Smaller but More Frequent Meals:
    It is better to eat smaller meals at more frequent intervals than eating 3 big meals in a day. However, to pursue this routine, it is important to make sure you are receiving enough nutrition in your meals. You can decide on a frequency that seems comfortable and then ensure you eat at those times. Make sure to ensure that you are receiving enough nutrients but also not stuffing yourself to the extent of feeling full.
  • Eat Fewer Fats and Cholesterol:
    While polyunsaturated and unsaturated fats are not dangerous for the body, these are usually the least commonly found types of fats found in food products. Since our body is already high on fats, it is best to avoid ingesting more of it through fats as fats also get utilised to create cholesterol in the body which can prove extremely harmful.
  • Exercise:
    Studies over the years have shown that exercise is not only a great way to lose weight but also to arrive at and remain at an ideal weight. It ensures that your body has the ideal opportunity to lose the calories you gather during the day. 

Aside from maintaining these healthy dietary patterns that enable you to lose weight and remain healthy, there are several ways to take care of yourself; one of the best which is to buy health insurance.

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