Difference between a mechanical keyboard and one of membrane:

There are different types of keyboards, depending on the mechanisms that manage the keystrokes. The most modern and most used are membrane switch keypad.

However, other types of keyboards are usually preferred by people who play or write for a long time to the computer. We refer to mechanical keyboards.

Here we are going to discuss membrane switches vs mechanical.

What are the differences and which one is best for you? We explain it to you below.

Differences between a mechanical and a membrane keyboard:

The main difference between a mechanical and a membrane switch keyboard is in the individual push-button switch that the first ones incorporate for each of their keys.

In conventional ones, what we will find if we lift the keys are rubber pieces. And if you have cats at home, you will surely have had the chance to see them in their splendor.

Also, for mechanical keyboards, there are several different types of switches, each with a different response and sound when pressed by our fingers.

3 Advantages and 3 disadvantages:

The truth is that talking about the advantages and disadvantages here is not an easy task. The choice of one type of keyboard or another is much more linked to personal tastes than to a really important qualitative leap. In any case, some aspects are worth mentioning of mechanical keyboards as opposed to membrane keyboards:

Easier to clean: 

If you feel lazy to walk cleaning the keyboard every 2 by 3, for example, you will be interested to know that you can save a lot of time with a mechanical one and it is much easier to remove each key individually with them.


Think that these types of keyboards can hold up to 50 million keystrokes as champions, while the custom membrane switches would start to give serious problems when they reach 10 million keystrokes. You may not realize the same, but if you use the keyboard intensively, these numbers are not as fast as they seem.

They allow you to type faster: 

Without miracles, eye, or you know how to type or the keyboard will not turn you into superstars overnight and reduce fatigue. The keys of the mechanics, unlike those of the membrane ones, do not have to be pressed down. You will hear the click halfway, which will indicate that it is enough and you can move on to the next one.








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