Differences Between Good and Bad UX Design

Differences between Good and Bad UX Design

Any interaction a user has with a product or service is known as a User Experience (UX). Every component that molds this experience, the user’s feelings about it, and how simple it is for them to do their intended duties are all taken into account by user experience design.

Any number of factors, such as how a tangible item feels in your hands or how simple the internet checkout procedure is, could be considered. Making user experiences simple, effective, pertinent, and overall enjoyable is the aim of UX design.

Nowadays, there are various web design institutes that provide UI UX design courses. Understanding the fundamental principles of effective UX Design is one thing; knowing how to put those principles to use practically is another.


Here Are Some Examples of Good and Bad User Experiences design that are often used:


  1. A good UX design will be produced when deliberate experience design is combined with simple, hierarchical visual design, however, a poor UX design can result from disregarding visual design.
  2. It is important to design products and experiences that can withstand mistakes. In addition to alerting a user to faults, good UX design takes proactive steps to prevent errors from occurring in the first place.
  3. A good user experience (UX) design employs language people can quickly comprehend and act upon, whereas a poor UX design may utilize extremely technical terminology that only experts may understand.
  4. Errors are unavoidable, but an intelligent UX design would alert consumers when one occurred. You must, however, exercise caution when using language, tone, and design. A poor user experience will result from overusing technical language or terms for database errors.
  5. When an action has been taken on a website, users have a habit of leaving the website so soon when the loading time is more. Here by chance if it shows like “Your Page is Loading”, people will get irritated and confused and leave as soon as possible. This is not so good interface.

In an excellent illustration of UX design, the users are notified of what is occurring on the page within an acceptable amount of time after the action(Like “60% Loaded”).

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Final Closure

Users are satisfied with a product’s design when it gives them all the information they require at that particular moment to make a decision. It ought to be mirror-clear and transparent. The user should not have to battle to figure out where to go next in order to accomplish their goal, much like the fog that makes everything difficult to see.


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